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Flemington Jump Outs - 18 December 2020



Field: Aneed Forspeed (Claire Patterson), Faulds (John Hawkes), Just Strolling (John Hawkes), Picarones (James Cummings), All Too Hard x Sacred Choice (Mathew Ellerton), I Am Invincible x Intimate Moment (Danny Obrien)

Field: Amegdul (James Cummings), Dauntless (Tony McEvoy), Elteecee (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), I Am Enchanting (Danny Obrien), Jester (John Hawkes), Soarhi (John Hawkes)

Field: Arcaded (James Cummings), Cornelia Street (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Mail (John Hawkes), Pad Thai (Tony McEvoy), Prospect Park (Mathew Ellerton), Your Song x Dinkum Diamond (Danny Obrien)

Field: Cosmic Ranger (Danny Obrien), Franschoek (James Cummings), Pretty Little Lass (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Race Against Time (Tony McEvoy), No Nay Never x Royal Dance (Danny Obrien)

Field: Bidaya (NZ) (James Cummings), Joseylin (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Jour Luck (Mathew Ellerton), Maracana (Danny Obrien), Strike Eagle (Tony McEvoy), Redoute's Choice x Consistency (Danny Obrien)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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