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Flemington Jump Outs - 16 October 2020



Field: Bag Raider (JPN) (Scott Cameron), Coolth (Tony McEvoy), Heirborn (NZ) (Anthony Freedman), Independent Road (David Hayes), Infitaah (NZ) (David Hayes), Lankan Star (David Hayes)

Field: Aswaat (David Hayes), Credenza (NZ) (Anthony Freedman), Energy Within (David Hayes), Marine Belle (Troy Corstens), Raison D'etre (James Cummings), Shilo Lass (Mike Moroney)

Field: Azraq (James Cummings), Chequerboard (David Hayes), Chrome Angel (Mathew Ellerton), Harlem Blues (Paul Snowden), Licciardi (Troy Corstens), Part Time Lover (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: All About Fashion (David Hayes), Bixilon (Levi Kavanagh), Potentia (John Hawkes), Savagery (NZ) (Chris Waller), Stumped (John Hawkes), The Delphi (NZ) (Mike Moroney)

Field: Ashburton (David Hayes), Austrata (IRE) (Chris Waller), Contamination (James Cummings), Fighting Jack (Mathew Ellerton), Patented (Anthony Freedman), Sticking Point (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Limited Vision (Anthony Freedman), Pelorus Princess (Danny Obrien), Seattle Dancer (Mike Moroney), Sicilian Witness (Troy Corstens), Tipperary Lass (David Hayes), Whobethatnow (Mick Kavanagh)

Field: Derive (Mathew Ellerton), Dixiana (James Cummings), King Of Memphis (Mathew Ellerton), Loveplanet (NZ) (Chris Waller), Rigel Star (David Hayes)

Field: Aree Al (NZ) (Levi Kavanagh), Golden Shamrock (Saab Hasan), Leiter (Tom Hughes), Manu Bay (NZ) (Mike Moroney), Mimi's Award (David Hayes)

Field: Backhim (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Chich's Spirit (Mathew Ellerton), Endlessly (John Hawkes), Jump The Broom (John Hawkes), Repeats (Anthony Freedman), Tavistock x Galaktika (David Hayes)

Field: Greaves (John Hawkes), Sandy Prince (David Hayes), Tributo (David Hayes), All Too Hard x Pasadoble (Danny Obrien), Sooboog x Rafiki (Levi Kavanagh)

Field: Al Badr (David Hayes), Aspetta (Mathew Ellerton), Benefactress (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Ex Lady (David Hayes), Passionate Lass (John Hawkes), Zougazem (John Hawkes)

Field: Heritage Dance (David Hayes), Lady Of Honour (David Hayes), Mortal Witness (David Hayes), Predetermined (Troy Corstens), Medaglia d'Oro x Condesaar (Danny Obrien)

Field: Bungalow Bill (NZ) (John Hawkes), Exquisite Beau (John Hawkes), McGarrett (Tom Hughes), Victory Chuckle (David Hayes), Yulong Phelps (David Hayes)

Field: Contingency Plan (John Hawkes), Gaylard (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Grade Zero (David Hayes), Skywolf (John Hawkes)

Field: Cirrina (Tom Hughes), More Secrets (John Hawkes), Shorthand (David Hayes), Vida Rose (David Hayes), Yulong Defence (John Hawkes)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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