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Flemington Jump Outs - 11 June 2021



Field: Crazy Wolf (John Hawkes), Esashi (David Hayes), Glamzelle (Anthony Freedman), Lady Tavista (NZ) (Peter Snowden), Listen To Maurice (David Hayes), Sweet Home Alabama (Troy Corstens)

Field: Bringtime (David Hayes), Devout Hero (Anthony Freedman), Fuller (John Hawkes), Kennihill (NZ) (John Hawkes), Licciardi (Troy Corstens), Ravaged Award (Troy Corstens)

HEAT 3 - 800m | Time n/a

*no vision available*

Field: Draft Day (NZ) (Troy Corstens), Extreme Step (David Hayes), Greaves (John Hawkes), Southwest (Troy Corstens), Testa Rock (David Hayes)

Field: Aidensfield (David Hayes), Atlantic Seas (John Hawkes), Highlights (John Hawkes), Montenegro Man (Mick Kavanagh), Part Time Lover (Mathew Ellerton), Viral (Danny Obrien)

Field: Dimension (Anthony Freedman), Marquess (NZ) (James Cummings), Mt Buller (David Hayes), Shalily (Danny Obrien), Super Twenty Three (John Hawkes), Tayla's Moment (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Baron Of Bedford (NZ) (Mick Kavanagh), Dirty Deeds (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Loveplanet (NZ) (Chris Waller), Rights Of Man (Danny Obrien), Smart Elissim (David Hayes), The Prater (James Cummings)

Field: Come Again (Mathew Ellerton), Double Oh Seven (John Hawkes), Elteecee (David Hayes), Metzarro (Anthony Freedman), Shine And Dandy (Danny Obrien), Tequila Spirit (Mike Moroney)

Field: Found Our Thrill (Gai Waterhouse), Melisende (Anthony Freedman), Nantucket (Levi Kavanagh), Rudimental (FR) (Mathew Ellerton), Too Viennese (John Hawkes), Zetelana (Mike Moroney)

Field: Character (James Cummings), Fischer (Anthony Freedman), Hayley (Mike Moroney), Hesket (Mathew Ellerton), Longift (Mathew Ellerton), Magic Sound (David Hayes)

Field: Bixilon (Levi Kavanagh), Jay Gatsby (David Hayes), Runaway River (Mathew Ellerton), Sabie Park (NZ) (John Hawkes), Skiddaw (Danny Obrien), Steamboat Rock (Danny Obrien)

Field: Camaguey (James Cummings), Crystal Vain (Mathew Ellerton), Frostwood (Mathew Ellerton), Tributo (David Hayes), Turn It Up Tommy (NZ) (Dennis Pagan), American Pharoah (USA) x Starfish (Mike Moroney)

Field: Glamouring (Mathew Ellerton), Jillette (Mick Cerchi), Joknee (Nick Ryan), Jupitus (Chris Waller), Sheer Class (David Hayes)

Field: Ceilidh (James Cummings), Classic Story (David Hayes), Italian Poet (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Shiriki (Mike Moroney), Snowing In Paris (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Aneed Forspeed (Claire Patterson), Exceed Tycoon (David Hayes), Murambie Miss (Mick Kavanagh), Pepper's Ghost (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Heavy Duty (Mike Moroney), Letslip (Nick Ryan), Nasdana (Mathew Ellerton), Pink Gin (David Hayes), Swear Shes Perfect (Mathew Ellerton), Zapateo (James Cummings)

Field: Heroic Chief (Levi Kavanagh), Mr Brightside (NZ) (David Hayes), Star Ines (Mathew Ellerton), Ultra Instinct (Mick Cerchi)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 3 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic. Heats 4 to 16 were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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