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Echuca Jump Outs - 3 December 2020



Field: Cheneford (Danny Curren), Dry County (John Thomas), Hackthorne (Rhys Archard), I'm The Boss (Donna Gaskin), Wanted Spark (Shane Fliedner), Was Met (Gwenda Johnstone)

Field: Brazen Beau x Our Lona (Gwenda Johnstone), Rock Sturdy x Debra Joy (Mick Cornish), Bartholdi Boy (Don Hird), Court Painter (Rhys Archard), Precipice (Shane Fliedner), Written Affair (Josh Julius)

Field: Mongolian Khan x Mongolian Miracle (Brent Stanley), Bill The Bee (Kym Hann), Birchip Turf (Austy Coffey), Dallas Cowgirl (Gwenda Johnstone), Total Craft (Austy Coffey), Laststrikeyourout (Paul Banks)

Field: All Too Tough (Brent Stanley), Clay Bird (Austy Coffey), Dana Point (Brent Stanley), Lunar Kiss (Austy Coffey), Mr Fulltime (Gwenda Johnstone), Sacred Tycoon (Don Hird)

Field: Not Alone (Brent Stanley), Pal's Reward (Kym Hann), She Won't Leave (Tayne Foster), Tavonian (Dwayne Reid)

Field: Diamond Thora (Brent Stanley), Madam Superior (Mick Cornish), Monetizing (Brent Stanley), Zoujea (Shane Fliedner)

Field: Big Boy's Girl (Kym Hann), Egyptian Wonder (Stephen Brown), Roddandtodd (Barry Goodwin), Our Little Rubie (Gwenda Johnstone), Jedan (Paul Banks), Mr Integrity (Rhys Archard)

Field: Blak Hart (Austy Coffey), Draiochta (NZ) (Brent Stanley), Indibay (Dwayne Reid), Punter (Austy Coffey), Swing With Junior (Kym Hann), Zoology (Brent Stanley)

Field: Beaver Diva (Linc Sullivan), Ceardai (NZ) (Brent Stanley), Dramadale (Rhys Archard), Hit Reset (Brent Stanley), Wu Darl (Austy Coffey)

Field: Toronado x Lupino (Kym Hann), Miss Oakley (Rhys Archard), Quinte Royale (Linc Sullivan), Really Swish (Stephen Brown)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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