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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 7 December 2020



Field: Eyes Are Blue (D Noonan), Fabulanski (R Griffiths), Mr Monaco (R Laming), Rose Dior (G Bedgood), See It All (M Watts), Vasmee (N Dunn),

Field: Bon Hoffa x Super Rhythm (S Mathrick), Down The Barrel (R Laming), Major Gowen (D Noonan), Pagador (R Laming), Queen Adele (C Alderson), Russian By (R Griffiths)

Field: Antarctic Ocean (S Chan), Dessert Time (J Williams), Moshelle De Classe (R Maund), Our Echelon (J Purcell), Sir Kalahad (G Bedggood)

Field: Hartack (F Finnegan), Impecunious (T Busuttin & N Young), Metung Marvin (C Alderson), Robbo's Analyst (R Maund)

Field: Comanche Brave (J Sandhu), God Of Light (R Maund), Jennevee (P Keane), The General (R Laming), Wammo (L Bonella)

Field: Cullier (T Busuttin & N Young), D'jumbuck (B McGrath), King Cranach (L Doyle), Liqueuro (C Alderson), Maze Runner (T Busuttin & N Young), Not Available (R Maund)

Field: I'm A Shampion (R Maund), Moshkenny (G Cluning), Reward (M Kent), Surely Shirley (D Williams), Vilified (C Maher)

Field: Crazy Ladies (T Busuttin & N Young), Jigsaw (C Alderson), London Lemming (B McGrath), Loud Attraction (K Corstens), Pascero (T Busuttin & N Young), Songawar (J Laing), Tiz My Bay (R Griffiths), Wedges Are Back (T Busuttin)

Field: Sir Prancealot x Tresillian (R Griffiths), Astern x Syrahbeel (T Busuttin & N Young), Animal Kingdom x Carousing (B McGrath), Blushing Tycoon (T Busuttin), Bon's A Pearla (K Corstens), Frostick (M Bell), Mister Me (T Busuttin), Silent Charge (J Laing)

Field: Night Of Thunder x Parore (S Jusufovic), Addenda (G Eurell), Big Flash (C Alderson), Imagine Howe (R Griffiths), Picture Diss (G Bedggood), Shimura (C Hyland), Techno Awards (K Keys)

Field: Golden Esprit (M Webb), Johnnyel (D Noonan), Ruby Street (K Corstens), Sagarra (R Griffiths)

Field: Eurozone x Dance Maiden (E Jusufovic), Denman x Irradiated (L Oliver), Agami Karma (K Keys), American Anthem (C Maher), Aminatu (T Rogers), Astronomicelle (C Hyland), Old Fashioned (B McGrath), Sure Fling (T Busuttin & N Young), Vancouver Lad (R Griffiths),

Field: Bucks (D Noonan), Captain Ryder (A McCabe), Careca (T Nikolic), Chichibu (C Maher), Mastobal (M Webb), Rich Deal (C Heffernen), Scrambler (K Corstens), With Edge (D Harrison)

Field: Statue Of Liberty x Mixxer (E Jusufovic), Arroance (M Webb), Bob's Bay (S Eden), Hassett (B McGrath), Joey Jaws (T Busuttin), Little Pickle (G Eurell), Neelanjali (R Griffiths), Spanish Tides (L Oliver)

Field: Designer Portrait (M Webb), Ferus (C Maher), Green Ivy (K Keys), Miss Vicki (R Griffiths), Northern Reign (R Griffiths), Ocean Reward (M Webb), Savannahlander (C Herrernan), Velvet Rocket (G Eurell), Yulong Patrol (C Maher)

Field: Star Witness x Ready Diva (L Oliver), Real Impact x Madison Park (E Jusufovic), Aeecee Millions (C Maher & D Eustace), Lochie's Song (K Keys), Nuthin' Else (G Eurell), Ourlink (S Zschoke)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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