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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 4 January 2022



HEAT 1 - 800m | 48.71s

1. Eureka Storm - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Lofty Strike - J Sandhu

Unplaced: Loveknot (T Busuttin & N Young), Sofka (M Price), Flying Temptress (C McDonald), Zloties (G Begg), Our Empress Zoe (M Price), Frankham (T Busuttin)

HEAT 2 - 800m | 49.10s

1. Choisir x Lady Zabeel (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Maximillius - M Price & M Kent Jnr

3. Fasuto - C McDonald

Unplaced: Concentric (T Busuttin), Sir Bailey (C Maher), I'mlovin'ya (M Price), Celestial Harbour (M Price), The Deputy (NZ) (M Price), Cabra Colleen (W Kelly)

HEAT 3 - 800m | 47.09s

1. Snakey Mag - G Dalziel

2. Galgani - N Burke

3. Delightful Icing - S Zschoke

Unplaced: San Telmos Fire (C McDonald), Hilverston (C McDonald), Old Fashioned (B McGrath), Unvanquishable (M Brown)

HEAT 4 - 800m | 48.35s

1. Madame Du Gast - T Rogers

2. Zero Cases - A & J Williams

3. Sapphire Sioux - G Eurell

Unplaced: Klenova (G Moloney), Undercover Agent (G Begg), Bless Her Soul (M Kent), Putsch (NZ) (M Kent), Frosted (USA) x Silken Song (J Sandhu), Mystic Meg (W Kelly), Struya (P Keane)

HEAT 5 - 800m | 48.03s

1. Klondike Strike - C McDonald

2. Anchorman (NZ) - B McGrath

3. She's Great - G Dalziel

Unplaced: Ancient Girl (NZ) (C McDonald), Teamyouessa (A & J Williams), Mamool (G Begg), Shocking x Sand Skipper (USA) (M Brown), Musk Lollie (N Burke), Quindi Pensi (M Brown), Melrada (S Zschoke)

HEAT 6 - 800m | 46.26s

1. Beaukati - C McDonald

2. Defrosted - G Begg

3. Reactivate - G Moloney

Unplaced: Hafey (J Welsh), Tauty (G Eurell), Danerich x Mixxer (E Jusufovic), Skipping Girl (M Kent), Feelings Mutual (NZ) (M Kent), Hawaajis (J Sandhu), Weightman (NZ) (A & J Williams), Positivity (G Dalziel)

HEAT 7 - 1000m | 1:00.07s

1. Melba Storm - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Zimowy - K Keys

3. Baglioni - G Eurell

Unplaced: Don'tbothernockin' (A & J Williams), Unchain My Bike (G Bedggood), Lofty Star (J Sandhu), Testa Boom (C McLever)

HEAT 8 - 1000m | 1:01.20s

1. Beau Night - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Grand Deposition - K Keys

3. Kween Kanali - T Busuttin & N Young

Unplaced: Mangani (NZ) (M Price), Choquant (NZ) (M Kent), Who Done The Deel (T Busuttin), Sparkling Adiction (W Kelly), Omeo (M Kent)

HEAT 9 - 1000m | 1:01.30s

1. Dommantella - G Eurell

2. Flossing (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

3. Worthily (USA) - C Maher & D Eustace

Unplaced: Toronali (J Sandhu), Diamond Harbour (G Bedggood), Yesugei (NZ) (G Bedggood), Camelot Star (IRE) (J Sandhu)

HEAT 10 - 1000m | 1:01.38s

1. Rosabeel (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Tavistorm (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

3. The Claimant - M Kent

Unplaced: Fields Of Grace (M Kent), Suddenly (D Noonan), Tahlequah (NZ) (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Sociabeel (NZ) (T Busuttin)

HEAT 11 - 1200m | 1:14.52s

1. Mirum - T Rogers

2. Healing Game - C Maher & D Eustace

3. Alessandro - R Griffiths

Unplaced: Scarlet Tufty (FR) (C Maher & D Eustace), Maradona (K Corstens), Cyclone Tim (M Trotter), Zebko (M Grey), Such A Dude (G Eurell), Miss Sassybeel (NZ) (T Busuttin)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated a Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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