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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 29 March 2021



Field: Alverdun (T Busuttin), Beneficio (G Eurell), Let's Wing It (K Keys), Rebooted (T Busuttin), Rumbled Again (M Trotter), She Goes Bango (M Brown), Stage Entrance (N Dunn), Tametomo (T Busuttin)

Field: Baguio (T Busuttin), Benczkowski (T Busuttin), Divine Waters (J Laing), Feather In Cap (W Kelly), Maotai (S Bottomley), Rotokura (R Griffiths), Serious Sarah (G Eurell)

Field: VadamosKey To Dance (T Busuttin), Unencumbered x Enchanting Waters (C Alderson), Palentino x Had Every Chance (K Keys), Proisir x Inner Peace (S Eden), Bring The Stars (R Griffiths), Mystery Eclipse (T Busuttin)

Field: Deep Impact x Sacred Sight (T Busuttin), Flying Artie x Colorado Miss (N McPherson), Astern x Vendanges (S Eden), Better Than Ready x Dance Moves (C Alderson), Miss Bossy (S Bottomley), Mystic Realm (T Busuttin),

Field: Bequester (A Laing), I Am Pilgrim (M Kent), Manasa (T Busuttin), Pagador (R Laming), Sheriff Glamorgan (G Eurell), Sir Warwick (G Dalziel), Star Of Manhattan (J Welsh)

Field: Answer Me Hussy (G Hayes), Approach Discreet (A McGregor), Dratini (C Alderson), It's A Rah (L Oliver), Lindhout (E Jusufovic), Love Broker (G Eurell), Pierro Belle (S Chan), Robe De Fete (R Griffiths), Sticks (B McGrath)

Field: Belle's Asset (D Wynne), Bossy Chloe (T Busuttin), Huskisson (R Laming), Merle The Pearl (J Welsh), Sagadure (C Maher), Warsash (A Laing)

Field: Froggy (L Oliver), Kalkarni Royale (K Corstens), Libertus (S Eden), Mussoorie Magic (E Jusufovic), Our Joe (G Hayes), Shevrolet (M Kent), Whistle Hoff (J Leek Jnr)

Field: Annenkov x Cafe Del Mar (R Laming), Dalante (J Welsh), Into Glory Ride (P Keane), Joey Jaws (T Busuttin), Miss Curata (D Wynne), Powerstone (J Laing), Something Foxy (C Maher), Whizz Tizz (L Oliver)

Field: Danerich x Queen Kahuna (S Eden), Acropolis Hill (T Taggart), Dancing Redente (J Leek Jnr), Mary Magpie (R Maund), Maximum Velocity (S Chan), Wolfe Tone (F Finnegan)

Field: Calypso Myth (J Laing), Hunsangel (L Oliver), Next Step Berrima (S Eden), Our Aisling (C Maher), Reparter (F Finnegan), Roma's Wish (L Doyle), Trusting You (R Maund)

Field: Altinks (K Keys), Be Alert (C Alderson), Beaute Pour Toi (C Maher & D Eustace), Dunjenni (L Oliver), Peskijen (D Arnold), Sanctuary Hill (J Williams)

Field: Great Duchess (G Eurell), Mr Tipla (T Busuttin), Non Presse (K Mayberry), Psoas (D Noonan), Royal Crown (M Kent),

Field: El Hermano x Gisela (F Finnegan), Rich Enuff x Carousel Queen (K Keys), Another Bailey (A & J Williams), Be Curious (C Alderson), Needa Bigger Boat (J Gilligan), Tavajen (D Arnold)

Field: Gems Precious Gift (S Eden), Milestone (T Busuttin), My Little Oliver (D Noonan), Our John Boy (W Kelly), Run Walrus Run (S Eden), Thinklikelightning (S Chan)

Field: Toronado x Vihanna Victory (J Williams), Baby Cakes (A Keenan), Eyes Are Blue (D Noonan), Grazie Mille (A Keenan), Gunner Get It Dunn (N Dunn), My Buttons Bigger (P Keane), Tavirun (T Busuttin), Vonnski (J Laing)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Northern Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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