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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 27 July 2020


Since November 2019, The Jump Outs have been collecting all overall jump out times from regular jump out venues across Victoria. This includes track conditions (Good/Soft/Heavy), heat class and different distances. All track conditions are sourced from Racing Victoria Stewards and daily weather forecasts.


Field: Bons Away (W Kelly), Iskra (N Burke), Jocat (T Busuttin & N Young), Mr Money Bags (R Griffiths), No Frontiers (F Finnegan), Princeton Spirit (J Sandhu),

Field: Aminatu (T Rogers), Beyond The Sea (G Eurell), Bullarook Boy (D Short), Imagine Howe (R Griffiths), Lochie's Song (K Keys), Morris Magic (J Williams), Star Witness x Ready Diva (L Oliver)

Field: Night Of Thunder x Curvaceous Miss (M Brown), Denman x Irradiated (L Oliver), Carrier Buster (R Griffiths), Cashoffa (S Mathrick), Lofty Star (J Sandhu), Mathrin (T Busuttin & N Young), Zoe Mae (R Besanko)

Field: Evening Out (R Besanko), Into Glory Ride (P Keane), Ruby's Secret (D Short), Taucity (G Eurell), Yosemite (R Griffiths), Pluck x Hanover Fist (K Keys), Toorak Toff x Big Spirit (L Oliver)

Field: Baglioni (G Eurell), Ranceski (S Bottomley), Sterling Choice (N Dunn), Vancouver Lad (R Griffiths), Love Conquers All x Merryanna (J Williams), Real Impact x My Thriller (L Oliver), Bon Hoffa x Super Rhythm (S Mathrick)

Field: Beatles (G Eurell), Lots Of Attention (E Jusufovic), Masarchi (M Webb), Miss Epernay (K Corstens), Rock The Sea (T Busuttin & N Young), Secret Surprise (U Clarke)

Field: Justjules (W Kelly), Lots Of Puddles (R Cleaver), Moonlight Ruby (D Short), O'tauto (G Eurell), Shenanigan City (E Jusufovic),

Field: Flash Warning (T Logan), Clusterfest (G Eurell), Froggy (L Oliver), Moshelle De Classe (R Maund), Mug Ruith (J Price)

Field: Answer Me Hussy (G Hayes), Brahma Armour (M Brown), Encumbrance (U Clarke), Free Spin (W Kelly), Housay (S Eden), Love Broker (G Eurell), Robme (M Trotter)

Field: Annalova (S Bottomley), Dream Come True (R Cleaver), Duke Of Magnus (S Eden), Exasperate (M Brown), King Cranach (T Logan), Play Me Now (C Alderson), Thorondor (M Kent)

Field: Dissident x Firenza (J Williams), Bellevita (T Busuttin & N Young), Dubawi Prince (T Busuttin & N Young), Metung Marvin (C Alderson), Nice Polish (J Williams), Queen Adele (C Alderson), Rittenband (A Laing), Star Stock (T Busuttin & N Young), Trolleyed (T Busuttin & N Young)

Field: Laundy (T Busuttin & N Young), Nero Veloce (M Brown), Rakovsky (C Alderson), Ultimate Shock (S Walker), Zoumanor (M Kent), Reliable Man x Quality Dream (F Finnegan)

Field: Joyous Gard (T Busuttin & N Young), Luna One (M Kent), Milestone (T Busuttin), Pina (M Kent), Pissaro (M Kent)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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