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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 25 May 2020


Since November 2019, THE JUMP OUTS have been collecting all overall jump out times from regular jump out venues across Victoria. This includes track conditions (Good/Soft/Heavy) and different distances. All track conditions are sourced from Racing Victoria Stewards and daily weather forecasts.


Field: Rhode Scholar (T Busuttin & N Young), Chavanne (G Dalziel), Rebate (G Eurell), Sizzling Gold (M Brown), Tarantello (C Alderson), Cakewalk Baby (W Kelly)

Field: Ilovethegame (G Eurell), All American x Amphlett (T Busuttin & N Young), Tycoon Whistle (J Leek Jnr), Reuber (C Alderson), Agami Karma (K Keys), Jugs (G Bedggood), One Beauty (J Welsh), Token Spirit (R Griffiths), Sports Edition x Beauriphul Gal (A Rae)

Field: Sweet As Scandi (R Griffiths), Cautamente (R Griffiths), Be Curious (C Alderson), Archregency (G Eurell), Trading Kisses (W Kelly), Miss Amanap (M Webb), Swindon Lass (M Brown), War x Cloud Class (M Trotter)

Field: Pereira (D Arnold), Abyssinian (E Jusufovic), Shotgun Rosie (L Oliver), Bouffon (J Leek Jnr), Falls (M Kent), Golden Esprit (M Webb), Dream Brother (M Webb), Houston Street (G Bedggood), Iron Machine (J Horner)

Field: Fighting Whiskey (D Arnold), Bossy Dame (G Eurell), Chica Bonita (D Arnold), Kislina (J Welsh), Goldenrod (B McGrath), Arctic Vixen (J Allen), Blumenthal (R Griffiths)

Field: Pay Your Dues (D Short), Just Like Mum (M Brown), Mistress Molly (C Alderson), Tootz (J Laing), Designer Portrait (M Webb), Collectable (R Griffiths), The Crusha (M Webb), Broken Treaty (L Oliver)

Field: Uncovered Beauty (J Welsh), A Little Luce (J Horner), Mollymosa (J Tanet), Whisper Babe (T Busuttin & N Young), Turffontein x Just Smiley (U Clarke), Debullet (A Keenan), Jungle Ruler x Poppies Lane (P Foster), Written Tycoon x Ellepin Gal (E Jusufovic)

Field: Knife's Edge (C Alderson), Diode (D Arnold), Takatoka (D Arnold), Mamachi (W Kelly), Coombe Lane (A Rae), Inthelapofthegods (N Dunn), Memsahib Lady (G Eurell), No More Chills (R Pecora)

Field: Star Missile (G Eurell), Banksy Strikes (M Trotter), Akamon (S Eden), Do You Reckon (J Sandhu), Charlie Road (E Jusufovic), Thurmanator (E Jusufovic), En Aval (L Oliver), Newzeel Deal (C Alderson)

Field: Dargo (C Alderson), Play Me Now (C Alderson), Mrs Whitten (C Alderson), Sphera (N Dunn)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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