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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 25 January 2021



Field: Redente x Pink Guinea (A Rae), Alovelybrownhorse (G Eurell), Clifton Street (J Maher), Haka's Hit (L Doyle), Jigsaw (C Alderson), Strobe Light (K Keys), Tagaloa (T Busuttin),

Field: Danerich x Sunshine Power (A Rae), Debullet (A Keenan), Hezafox (G Eurell), Jimenez (D Arnold), Larrikin (B McGrath), She's On Time (C Alderson)

Field: Amagnum (M Brown), Bella Bee (T Busuttin & N Young), Clinched (T Busuttin & N Young), Klatten (K Keys), Kung Fu Abbey (W Kelly), Lola Olivia (S Eden), Lord Havelock (D Harrison), Marabi (C Maher & D Eustace), Reuber (C Alderson), Told You So (M Kent)

Field: Akubra Black (T Busuttin), Chatafox (D Harrison), Gorgonado (C Alderson), Indictment (K Keys), Iskra (N Burke), Jamala (A Keenan), Quiz Show (C Maher), Reparter (F Finnegan), Savage Tigress (T Busuttin & N Young), Thistler (T Busuttin & N Young), Tobytoff (K Keys),

Field: Ask (M Kent), Audrey Girl (T Busuttin), Caliper (K Keys), Clash (T Busuttin), Count Of Sancerre (C Alderson), Country's Light (T Furdetska), De La Fayette (R Griffiths), Express Master (T Nikolic), He's Xceptional (T Busuttin), Jimmy Don't Cry (G Eurell), Rue Lepic (T Rogers), Son Of Mercury (C Maher)

Field: Adelaide x Peggy Fue (J Price), Clover Beat (T Busuttin & N Young), Feudal Empire (C Maher), Inviva (G Eurell), Ocean Raider (R Griffiths), Pharoahcity (T Busuttin & N Young), Sapphire Sioux (G Eurell), Semper Fortis (T Busuttin), Tempest Charm (R Griffiths), Vampire Miss (T Furdetska)

Field: Cable Bay x Lacerta (S Bottomley), Star Witness x Splendido (K Keys), Medaglia d'Oro x Berenice (S Eden), Barclay's Bank (R Griffiths), Highground (G Eurell), Jim Bob (T Rogers), Lunar Mach (T Busuttin), Oracolo (R Griffiths), Orizaba (T Busuttin), See You In Spring (T Busuttin), Wanaroo (G Eurell)

Field: Brazen Beau x Silent Rush (M Kent), Lord Kanaloa x Kali (T Busuttin), Sooboog x Dazzledar (M Kent), Toronado x Top Pearl (S Bottomley), Headwater x Overblik (M Kent), Savabeel x Simply You (T Busuttin), Gulingi (R Griffiths), Immortal Spirit (G Eurell), Kildare (M Kent), Rotokura (R Griffiths), Skipping Girl (M Kent), Sun Lily (M Kent)

Field: Boomer's Design (N Dunn), Carrier Buster (R Griffiths), Cashoffa (S Mathrick), Deception Bay (K Corstens), Diamond Snatch (L Doyle), Evening Out (R Besanko), Holy Spirit (M Kent), Ice Ice Baby (W Kelly), Ilovebangkok (G Eurell), Munchette (G Eurell), Please Sir (J Williams), Sweet Child (T Busuttin)

Field: Atheleisia (T Rogers), Bart's Acoming (J Maher), Bush Christmas (B McGrath), He's The Real Deel (M Brown), Jack's Honour (R Besanko), Larimer Street (T Busuttin), Leale (M Kent), Mistress Molly (C Alderson), Rolling Moss (S Mathrick), Ruby Sunrise (D Short), Street Icon (K Corstens), The Running Man (R Griffiths), Vongole (E Jusufovic),

Field: Needs Further x Zahlee (M Brown), Black Penn (G Eurell), Boschendal (G Eurell), Claptone (K Corstens), Electric Belle (A Rae), Founex (J Williams), Malted Missile (R Griffiths), Miss Amanap (M Webb), Mosh Spin (G Cluning), Steer For Lady (M Kent), Zoe Mae (R Besanko)

Field: Moshe x Daschem Halo (Y Harvey), Artie's Danseur (G Dalziel), Made A Brulee (M Brown), Magnajet (T Busuttin), Needlework (S Bottomley), Oneira (A Sheehan), Port Royal (A Rae), Splendid Isolation (K Corstens), Stradari (K Corstens), Try Pink (B McGrath), Whatarap (D Harrison),

Field: Toronado x Path Of Love (W Kelly), Always In Moment (M Kent), Butlers Beach (J Williams), Chichibu (C Maher), Jimmy Rockford (G Eurell), Melba Storm (T Busuttin), Musk Lollie (N Burke), Otis (R Griffiths), Pardella (R Besanko), The Pres (K Corstens), Yvaine (G Eurell)

Field: House Keeping (A Sheehan), Off Shores Pearl (S Georgios), Praguematist (M Webb), Rinnova (J Welsh), Southern Yankee (K Corstens), Tywina (G Dalziel), With Edge (D Harrison)

Field: Balsamic Vinegar (G Eurell), Cent To War (D Harrison), Dunhili (R Besanko), Miss Illuminate (A&J Williams), Miss Pearly Kate (M Webb), O'lucky (G Eurell), Schauffele (W Kelly), The Last Charge (K Corstens),

Field: Dargo (C Alderson), Galactic Fury (C Maher), Jamieson (G Bedggood), One Little Kiss (C Alderson), Pissaro (M Kent), Sussex Royal (D Williams), Taco Tiger (C Maher), Wammo (L Bonella)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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