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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 21 June 2021



HEAT 1 - 800m | 46.80s

1. Wolf Rein - M Brown

2. Vali Mae - S Eden

3. Loud Attraction - K Corstens

Unplaced: Libiamo (J Welsh), Saint Loft (J Sandhu), Sir Freddie (T Nikolic), Laterally (R Laming), Chipping Campden (NZ) (G Eurell)

HEAT 2 - 800m | 47.44s

1. Cecil Street Lad - R Laming

2. Deep Field x Salsify - E Jusufovic

3. Blazing Bay - S Bottomley

Unplaced: Bella Vintage (N Dunn), Bean Shoppin' (K Corstens), Hogan (S Eden), Speed Bump (L Oliver), Lady Alpine (M Brown), Wandjina x In Need I Am (A & J Williams), Vancouver Express (A McGregor)

HEAT 3 - 800m | 47.16s

1. Hey Michael - K Corstens

Unplaced: Trust in a Gust x Inablitz (S Mathrick), Lady Minstrel (J Sandhu), The Pup (M Kent), Royal Tonic (NZ) (T Busuttin & N Young), Krupt x Perfectly Poised (J Price), Lionhearted x Peacock Sally (A & J Williams), Filine (J Linehan)

HEAT 4 - 800m | 45.78s

1. No Frontiers (NZ) - F Finnegan

2. Romancer (NZ) - G Begg

3. Libertus - S Eden

Unplaced: Vitani (NZ) (W Kelly), Leveraged (L Oliver), Do You Reckon (J Sandhu), Thunder Pace (S Walker), King Magnus (R Griffiths)

HEAT 5 - 800m | 45.43s

1. Nasraawy - G Bedggood

2. Roma's Wish - L Doyle

3. Inthelapofthegods - N Dunn

Unplaced: On The Program (NZ) (T Busuttin), Aeecee Millions (C Maher), I'm A Country Gal (L Bonella), Domqualo (M Brown)

HEAT 6 - 800m | 47.32s

1. Feminine Mystique - R Laming

2. Palumbo - G Begg

3. Lord Markel (NZ) - W Kelly

Unplaced: Lani Bang Bang (L Oliver), Boulevardier (E Jusufovic), Rock In The Park (NZ) (S Eden), Moss Job (G Bedggood), Anchorman (NZ) (B McGrath), Our Chevalier (R Griffiths), Expect The Best (N Burke)

HEAT 7 - 800m | 46.59s

1. Diamond Snatch - L Doyle

2. Moolah Moolah - P Keane

3. Musk Lollie - N Burke

Unplaced: Hunsangel (NZ) (L Oliver), Easy Single (C Maher), Boomer's Design (N Dunn)

HEAT 8 - 800m | 46.61s

1. Mollymosa - J Taylor

2. Set For Success - B Buckley

3. Vegas Wedding - G Bedggood

Unplaced: Mamool (G Begg), Sodalicious (C Maher), Broken Treaty (L Oliver), She Zed So (NZ) (P Krikas)

HEAT 9 - 1000m | 1:04.05s

1. Cape Victory (IRE) - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Oh Mo - C Alderson

3. Shoot for Coomaah - R Laming

Unplaced: Raging Water (NZ) (A Rae), Vuni (L Oliver), Capodanno (S Eden), Livadas (K Corstens), Chesterton (NZ) (B McGrath), Bellini Boy (NZ) (G Bedggood)

HEAT 10 - 1000m | 1:04.13s

1. Marchons Ensemble (GB) - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Sacred Kiwi (NZ) - A Rae

3. Floating Artist (GB) - C Maher & D Eustace

Unplaced: Holy Mongolian (NZ) (R Laming), Jimenez (D Arnold), Rajpipla (NZ) (B McGrath), Reliabelle (NZ) (D Harrison)

HEAT 11 - 1000m | 1:06.16s

1. Shadow Hawk (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

3. That'swhatshesaid - N McPherson

Unplaced: Polanski x Fabianska (K Corstens), Country's Light (T Furdestka) Zafarana (C Maher), Regal Magnate (NZ) (T Busuttin), Fiorente (IRE) x Carousel Queen (K Keys)

HEAT 12 - 1000m | 1:04.35s

1. The Pres - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Mahia (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

3. Waylaid - S Eden

Unplaced: Clinched (T Busuttin), Booker Tee (A Williams), Red Red Wine (S Eden), Stylish Icon (P Keane), Bequester (NZ) (A Laing)

HEAT 13 - 1400m | 1:31.57s

1. Tavirun (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Moonshine Fly - R Smith

3. Non Presse - K & G Mayberry

Unplaced: Jem Jem (T Rogers), Buditchy (W Kelly)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Northern Grass for the 800m heats, with the track rated Heavy(9). The jump outs were conducted on the Inner Grass for the 1000m and 1400m heats, with the track rated Heavy(9).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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