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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 21 December 2020



Field: Exosphere x Fairy Palace (D Short), Cable Bay x Zolletta (G Bedggood), Ajaya x Shoshana Rose (T Busuttin), More Than Ready x Catalina De Lago (T Busuttin), Strategic Maneuver x Hearst (G Bedggood), Black Ivory (T Busuttin), Duke Of Bedford (T Busuttin), Totowolff (T Busuttin)

Field: Barclay's Bank (R Griffiths), Blue Army (T Busuttin), Crazy Ladies (T Busuttin), La Sarthe (S Bottomley), Loud Attraction (K COrstens), Nana Jenn (T Busuttin),

Field: Lonhro x Chloe in Paris (T Busuttin), Deep Impact x Sacred Sight (T Busuttin), Maurice x Marli Magic (J Sandhu), Li'l Loft (J Sandhu), London Lemming (B McGrath), Oregon's Rose (T Busuttin), Starion (T Busuttin), Tiz My Bay (R Griffiths), Wedges Are Back (T Busuttin)

Field: Beaverbrook (R Griffiths), Bons Away (W Kelly), Easy Beast (R Laming), Great Duchess (G Eurell), Honour Me (G Eurell), Key To The Mak (L Oliver), Mystyko (T Rogers), Our Chevalier (R Griffiths), Rich Itch (S Mathrick), Surreal Image (K Corstens)

Field: Denman x Irradiated (L Oliver), Anthemic (T Busuttin), Bob's Bay (S Eden), Goldiluva (T Busuttin), Hardbite (R Laming), I'm A Country Gal (A Sheehan), Jugs (G Bedggood), Lady Mofeed (T Busuttin), Lochie's Song (K Keys), Neelanjali (R Griffiths), Quindi Pensi (M Brown), She's 'N' Effort (G Eurell)

Field: Commodus (M Sues), Foxtrot Mo (K Keys), I Am Beautiful (G Eurell), Lani Bang Bang (L Oliver), Ooroo (G Eurell), Savannahlander (C Heffernan), Ultimate Shock (S Walker), Unfair Dismissal (D Noonan), View Of Blue (R Maund), Yulong Patrol (J Welsh), Zoumanor (M Kent)

Field: Star Witness x Ready Diva (L Oliver), Annenkov x Cafe Del Mar (R Laming), Breasley (T Busuttin), Cautamente (R Griffiths), Hassett (B McGrath), Mongolian (D Harrison), Moonridge Rising (S Zschoke), Nuthin' Else (G Eurell), O'lucky (G Eurell), Star Stock (T Busuttin), Velicina (M Brown)

Field: Aniceta (A Sheehan), Beatles (G Eurell), Bucks (D Noonan), Captain Ryder (A McCabe), Careca (T Nikolic), It's A Rah (L Oliver), Piercings (T Taggart), Rich Deal (C Heffernan), Rippa Choice (S Zschoke), Ruby Street (K Corstens), Velvet Rocket (G Eurell)

Field: Reward For Effort x Knollys (L Oliver), Addenda (G Eurell), Chatafox (D Harrison), Fool's Overture (T Busuttin), Kaciga (S Egan), Lover Lover (T Busuttin), Make False Report (T Foster), Old Fashioned (B McGrath), Savage Tigress (T Busuttin),

Field: Argyle Belle (D Harrison), Cake Walker (C Maher), Cherry Avenue (K Keys), Diamond Moments (S Eden), Inkslinger (B McGrath), Johnnyel (D Noonan), Moshelle De Classe (R Maund), One Little Kiss (C Alderson)

Field: Darman (D Noonan), Ferus (C Maher), Hoodie (M Sues), Knife's Edge (C Alderson), Not Available (R Maund), Sure Move (B McGrath), Wammo (L Bonella), Written Letter (G Cluning),

Field: Bacari (M Brown), Godray (G Hayes), Little Pickle (G Eurell), Lola Olivia (S Eden), Picture Diss (G Bedggood), Rebate (G Eurell), Reflecting Image (S Eden), Sure Fling (T Busuttin), Yuanno (T Rogers)

Field: Billet Doux (D Arnold), Comanche Brave (J Sandhu), Goldenrod (B McGrath), Mid Strength (N Shelton), Moshkenny (G Cluning), No More Chills (R Pecora)

Field: Chesterton (B McGrath), Eyes Are Blue (D Noonan), Liqueuro (C Alderson), Metung Marvin (C Alderson), Queen Adele (C Alderson), Quick Choice (R Pinsent)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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