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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 17 May 2021



Field: Air Blue (T Busuttin), Flower Duet (R Griffiths), Jen's Reward (E Musgrove), Judiciary (P Keane), Lil' Loft (J Sandhu), Pack Of Wolves (G Eurell), Smokin' Holly (D Short)

Field: Into Mischief x Cayllano (R Griffiths), Animal Kingdom x Tumble Turn (N Dunn), Star Witness x Splendido (K Keys), At The Mint (G Eurell), Sharp Response (J Sandhu), Street Culture (M Kent), The Cassini (R Griffiths), Trepardoux (E Musgrove), Ultravox (T Busuttin)

Field: Galaxy Reign (R Griffiths), Jenniferenti (L Oliver), Masterful (J Sandhu), Micklewhite (T Busuttin), Pearlific (L Oliver), Rise Of Kali (G Eurell), Sister Vianney (G Eurell), Smoke 'N' Gin (J Price), Tauty (G Eurell)

Field: Augmentation (A McCabe), Clean Acheeva (K Keys), Dr Schultz (M Bell), Lady Silvair (E Jusufovic), The Gauch (C Maher), Thorondor (M Kent), Vuni (L Oliver)

Field: Danerich x Ribollita (W Kelly), Ceejay (L Oliver), Holy Smokescreen (G Eurell), Lochie's Song (K Keys), Musk Lollie (N Burke), Shezadandi (G Eurell), The Defiant One (C Maher)

Field: Haka's Hit (L Doyle), Kinane (M Kent), Mnemba (M Kent), Neneka (E Jusufovic), Preliminaires (L Jones), Starden Lass (C Maher), Trotsie (R Mangan)

Field: Redente x Sunshine Power (A Rae), Hampton Court x Alteration (G Eurell), Citaleon (N Burke), Imprinted (A McCabe), In A Trance (R Laming), Redsong (G Eurell), Spulen (M Kent)

Field: Holy Spirit (M Kent), Jackee Rohr (G Eurell), Klatten (K Keys), Mondostorm (L Oliver), The Watchman (G Eurell)

Field: Arohaboy (T Busuttin & N Young), Hollerween (J Sandhu), Lunar Mach (T Busuttin), Tavistorm (T Busuttin), Wolf Prince (D Williams)

Field: Amagnum (M Brown), Blackheath Belle (M Kent), Law Of Reciprocity (N McPherson), Mazrak (A Laing), Quadrillion (D Arnold), Star Stock (T Busuttin), The Ronin Dreams (L Jones)

Field: Jennevee (P Keane), Moonridge Dancer (S Zschoke), Moshkenny (G Cluning), Scodney Malu (M Brown), Theme Park (E Jusufovic)

Field: Ballet Master (C Hyland), Come On Son (B Anderson), Empire Liberty (M Trotter), Mighty Jim (B Simpson), Moonridge Rising (S Zschoke), Wild Velocity (D Williams)

Field: Able Warrior (J Keane), Address Melbourne (B Anderson), Just Wishing (B Laming), Lofty Heights (J Sandhu), Ocean's Jen (D Arnold), The Bedouin (E Musgrove)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inner Grass, with the track rated Heavy.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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