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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 15 March 2022



HEAT 1 - 800m | 46.37s

1. Mondo - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Wango Award - K Corstens

3. Katsu - G Begg

Unplaced: Laisvas (M Brown), Body Bob (T Busuttin), Yakutsk (L Kennewell), You Go First (A & J Williams), Think Rock (K Corstens), Written Royalty (R Griffiths), Bring Me To Life (NZ) (M Price), Da Plane Da Plane (W Kelly)

HEAT 2 - 800m | 46.86s

1. Amenable - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Thetoyboy - T Busuttin & N Young

3. Sweet Albatross - S Eden

Unplaced: Delancy (G Begg), Rommel's Wolf (L Kennewell), Foxwedge x Twisted Heart (T Nikolic), Alabama Gold (K Corstens), Peshwa (R Griffiths), Emathion (M Price), So Think Again (J Laing)

HEAT 3 - 800m | 47.27s

1. Gold Bucket - T Busuttin & N Young

2. El Soleado - J Laing

3. Themyscira - L Kennewell

Unplaced: Jovial Wagon (M Price), Easterly (M Price), Northern Barrage (M Kent), Glorious Defiance (T Busuttin), The Riddler (G Begg), Impending x One Love (NZ) (S Eden)

HEAT 4 - 800m | 47.77s

Unplaced: Raised By Wolves (G Eurell), Dusse (L Kennewell), I Am Invincible x Risque (NZ) (T Busuttin), Sacred Falls (NZ) x Miss Caruso (NZ) (T Busuttin), Duvach (NZ) (M Price), Celtic Hero (R Griffiths), Scottish Gold (S Begg)

HEAT 5 - 800m | 46.37s

1. Snitzel x Eskimo Queen (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Hell Hound - M Price & M Kent

3. Promises Kept - G Eurell

Unplaced: Bencoolen (M Price), Foxwedge x Spirit Of Pompeii (A McGregor), Nastasia (R Griffiths), Devout (G Begg), Almanzor (FR) x Vanity Queen (GB) (T Busuttin), Clock Strikes (R Griffiths)

HEAT 6 - 800m | 46.75s

1. Chassis - C Maher & D Eustace

2. Blood Oath - E Jusufovic

3. Mr Tipla (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

Unplaced: No Effort (G Begg), Let's Get Animal (M Collins), Redempt (G Eurell), Simply Optimistic (B Hawtin), Ampere (NZ) (M Kent), Love Sensation (K Corstens), Foxy Gal (R Griffiths)

HEAT 7 - 800m | 45.94s

1. Pa Bob - A & J Williams

2. Cent To War - D Harrison

3. Manasa (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

Unplaced: Tsugaru (C Maher), My Monaro (S Zschoke), Chargenlikapluma (R Griffiths), She's At Regatta (M Kent), Speed Bump (L Oliver), Steel Fox (N Burke), Sizzling Gidg (J Allen)

HEAT 8 - 800m | 45.62s

1. Beneficio - G Eurell

2. Miss Jennifer (NZ) - E Jusufovic

3. The Hass - J Sandhu

Unplaced: Eidolon (NZ) (T Busuttin), Making Contact (M Kent), Word On The Street (M Price), Son Of Mercury (C Maher), Walk Up Start (W Kelly), Ethical Award (K Corstens), Vancouver Express (A McGregor), Swear x Aringarosa (M Kent),

HEAT 9 - 800m | 46.91s

1. Knife Talk - C Maher & D Eustace

2. Bella Sorellina - C Maher & D Eustace

3. Giveitall Girl - L Oliver

Unplaced: Miss Eurozone (M Webb), Lyk Thunder (T Busuttin), Puissance de Lune (IRE) x Lamingtons (B Anderson), Lady Rockette (S Eden), Jayemzed x Duchess Of Zeal (un-listed trainer)

HEAT 10 - 1000m | 59.32s

1. Visinari (FR) - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Bonvicini - C Maher & D Eustace

3. Jimenez - D Arnold

Unplaced: Testa Rossa x Seltzer (M Kent), Auf Weidersehen (S Eden), Royal Crown (M Kent)

HEAT 11 - 1000m | 1:00.24s

1. Marchons Ensemble (GB) - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Landers - E Jusufovic

3. Pouvoir De Soie - L Kennewell

Unplaced: Sacred Cove (NZ) (M Kent), Miss Illuminate (A & J Williams), Witsabouthim (NZ) (T BUsuttin), Dolce Girl (R Griffiths), Belle's Asset (D Wynne)

HEAT 12 - 1000m | 59.08s

1. Mesa Bella - W Kelly

2. The Economist - B Fox

3. Brut Star - T Busuttin & N Young

Unplaced: Sheer Pumpkin (M Webb), Toomuchinformation (G Eurell), Bewarethewag (A & J Williams), Rigoletto (NZ) (G Bedggood), The Kings Gospel (A McGregor), The Amazonian (M Price), Shout Out Girl (S Wynne), With The Wind (NZ) (M Kent)

HEAT 13 - 1000m | 59.25s

1. Chandon Burj - T Bussuttin & N Young

2. Fields Of Joy - E Jusufovic

3. Waitapu (NZ) - T Busuttin & N Young

Unplaced: Secret Glamour (C Maher), Shunkaha Lass (NZ) (C Maher), Real Impact (JPN) x More Chickens (un-listed trainer), Lionhearted x Peacock Sally (USA) (A & J Williams)

HEAT 14 - 1200m | 1:15.26s

1. Brooklyn Boss (NZ) - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Dun Warrior - M Price & M Kent Jnr

3. Saint Tropez - L Kennewell

Unplaced: Bequester (NZ) (A Laing)

HEAT 15 - 1400m | 1:25.24s

1. Jungle Magnate (NZ) - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Maktastic (NZ) - E Lee

3. Thinking Man - M Price & M Kent Jnr

Unplaced: Utah Beach (FR) (C Maher), Whirly Jig (K Keys), Dawn Hunter (M Price)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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