Cranbourne Jump Outs - 11 November 2019


HEAT 1 - 990m | 59.44s

1. Turn the Tide - C Alderson

2. Call Me Handsome (IRE) - P Gelagotis

3. Milord - J Warren

Unplaced: Lady of Crebilly (P Stokes), Paris Rock (NZ) (H Dwyer), Analytica (NZ) (P Payne), Charlton (R Griffiths), Intelligence Cross (USA) (P Payne)

HEAT 2 - 990m | 1.00.04s

1. Sunrise Dancer - P Stokes

2. Odeon (NZ) - M Ellerton & S Zahra

3. Think I'm Dreaming - H Dwyer

Unplaced: Levendi (P Gelagotis), Laughing Heir (K Southey), Howlowcanyougo (P Payne), Cappo D'oro (P Payne), Cape Richards (P Payne)

HEAT 3 - 800m | 45.94s

1. Our Gladiator - J Hunter

2. Gennady - R Laing

3. Zizzis - P Payne

Unplaced: Neurotic (D O'Brien), Galaxy Raider (G Begg), Thelburg (J Warren), Izzy Good (M Bell), Miss Trouble Maker (C Littlefield), Stornaway (R Laing), Think Bleue (C Maher & D Eustace), Spielberg (H Dwyer)

HEAT 4 - 800m | 45.88s

1. Our Luca - J Hunter

2. Reata - R Laing

3. Enigman - C Maher & D Eustace

Unplaced: Kaplic (S Schoke), Spirit Of Valor (USA) (C Maher & D Eustace), Kalashani Lad (T Walsh), Atlantica (H Dwyer), Our Campana (C Little), Whenever Wherever (NZ) (P Payne), Melodeon (C Littlefield), Catching Beams (J Hunter), Our Insider (NZ) (C Littlefield)

HEAT 5 - 800m | 46.13s

1. Celestial Sol - R Laing

2. Hanseatic - A Freedman

3. Pinot Party - M Price & M Kent Jnr

Unplaced: Lionel (P Stokes), I Love This Hippy (M Laurie), Torbreck (D & B Hayes & T Dabernig), Ironedge (M Price & M Kent (Jnr)), Blue Tone (M Price & M Kent (Jnr)), Legal Award (D O'Brien), Hezazeb (G Eurell)

HEAT 6 - 800m | 47.28s

1. Lausanne - A Freedman

2. Safeeya - M Price & M Kent Jnr

3. Miss Divine Em - P Payne

Unplaced: Diamondesque (P & P Snowden), Saucy Deluxe (K Southey), Starelle (D O'Brien), Zoumatic (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Return To Me (D O'Brien), Plucky Pirouette (C Van Zyl), Tread Softly (D & B Hayes & T Dabernig), Force Me (NZ) (N Dunn)

HEAT 7 - 800m | 46.37s

1. Why Big Bry (NZ) - S Bottomley

2. Housay - S Eden

3. Zee Hoarder - C Alderson

Unplaced: Lake's Folly (A Freedman), Tycoon Thunder (S Nichols), Agent Of Mayhem (G Eurell), Magical Man (J Hunter), Mediated (G Begg), First Fleet (D O'Brien), Trotsie (P & T Templeton), Street Vision (C Maher & D Eustace)

HEAT 8 - 800m | 47.35s

1. Busby - G Begg

2. Our Free Spirit - A Noonan

3. Horowitz - D O'Brien

Unplaced: Glorious Express (P Carey), Pipe Dreams (M Laurie), High Delta (C Maher & D Eustace), Fort Cluster (G Eurell), Broken Windows (D O'Brien), Triangulum (R Griffiths), Stout And Bold (W Kelly)

HEAT 9 - 800m | 47.75s

1. King Of Hastings - A Freedman

2. No Change - S Stockdale

3. Coin Collector - D O'Brien

Unplaced: Nonconformist (G Begg), Fudging (J Hunter), Venusian (G Eurell)

HEAT 10 - 800m | 46.84s

1. La Zola - C Alderson

2. Vistabelle (NZ) - H Dwyer

3. Mariamia - S Stockdale

Unplaced: Early Morning Rise (NZ) (D O'Brien), Toramour (W Kelly), Rich Dane (J Hunter), Hackeress (M Sues), All Price (J Hunter), Beau Belle (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Fizzar (A Freedman), Creative Spirit (G Begg), Cheers Sweetie (C Maher & D Eustace), Delightful Hustler (D Brideoake), Who Doubted Me (P Payne)

HEAT 11 - 800m | 46.25s

1. Villa Blanca - T Busuttin & N Young

2. Magic Pippa - P Carey

3. Merited - M Price & Kent Jnr

Unplaced: Vogue Rock (P Stokes), Modern (NZ) (G Begg), Sippity Sup (W Kelly), Two Acts (N Dunn), Bella Sinorita (C Maher & D Eustace), Words Mouth (J Hunter), Resident (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Dissisoul (J Hunter), Queen's Legacy (D Brideoake), Trinity Express (C Templeton), Windset (R Griffiths)

HEAT 12 - 800m | 47s

1. Pouting Lips - D O'Brien

2. Jenni Bad Cat (NZ) - D Brideoake

3. Luminara - G Begg

Unplaced: Royal Delights (J Hunter), Alt Eff Four (C Maher & D Eustace), Velvet Rocket (G Eurell), Shammgod (NZ) (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Rich Princess (J Hunter), Seneca Falls (M Kent), Florent (A Noonan), Galway War (J Hunter), Juggle Da Kash (L McGill)

HEAT 13 - 800m | 46.69s

1. Great Duchess - G Eurell

2. Master Rock - R Laing

3. Sham I Am - D O'Brien

Unplaced: Tall Lady (J Hunter), Halep (P Payne), Oneforthebrothers (P Gelagotis), There You Are (H Dwyer), Irish Lilt (C Diplock), Self Imposed (R Griffiths), Ellehcim (L McGill), Whitemore (R Griffiths), Zanda (J Dore)

HEAT 14 - 800m | 46.47s

1. Thorondor - R Laing

2. Iknewshewasmine - J Hunter

3. That's Two Slabs - M Webb

Unplaced: Konkalikon (G Eurell), Prince Artie (M Huglin), Viral (D O'Brien), Nothin' Leica High (R Griffiths), Concord Force (N McPherson), Magnossiva (R Griffiths), Maddilyn Rose (P Keane), Maillin (J Dore)

HEAT 15 - 800m | 47.34s

1. High Excalebration - J Hunter

2. I Did It Again - G Eurell

3. It's Meant to Be - S Nichols

Unplaced: Luvme Or Leevme (J Gilligan), French Bishop (S Eden), Relette (G Eurell), Faye's Opal (C Littlefield), Invincible Pride (R Griffiths), Whero Taupae (NZ) (M Huglin)

HEAT 16 - 990m | 1:00.22s

1. Zero Doubt - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. The Siscos Kid - H Dwyer

3. Grand Admiral - C Maher & D Eustace

Unplaced: D'aguilar (P Payne), Blossom On Snow (C Maher & D Eustace), Willetts (C Littlefield), Carpool Karaoke (NZ) (A Freedman), She's On Time (NZ) (C Alderson), La Sonnetina (D Brideoake), Kendell's Pride (P Payne), One Won't Hurt (R Hickmott), Diablo Boy (T Cochrane)

HEAT 17 - 900m | 1:00.00s

1. Evening Glory - A Freedman

2. Baywash - P Payne

3. Regal Riffle - M Price & M Kent Jnr

Unplaced: Lunakorn (S Bottomley), Quattro Gatti (A Noonan), Stormy Jack (G Cross), Chaska (C Maher & D Eustace), Cash Bundle (P Payne), Mr Eighty Eight (NZ) (D & B Hayes & T Dabernig), The View (R Hickmott), See It All (NZ) (P Payne)

HEAT 18 - 990m | 1:00.16s

1. Scorpius - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Smug Sister - J Allen

3. Jirnaas (NZ) - D & B Hayes & T Dabernig

Unplaced: Summer Lover (C Maher & D Eustace), Office Jim (A Freedman), Night Guy (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Dirty Diary (P Payne), Caorunn City (NZ) (P Stokes), Diamond Digger (NZ) (R Hickmott), Big Lenny (R Hickmott), Mount Santubong (P Payne), Darci's Tune (NZ) (P Payne)

HEAT 19 - 990m | 59.53s

1. Against Time - R Laming

2. Cry For Home (NZ) - M Price & M Kent Jnr

3. Naomi - P Carey

Unplaced: Blackadder (C Maher & D Eustace), Microscope (NZ) (P Payne), Blue Ocean (NZ) (P Stokes), Rogues Point (A Freedman), Akima (D & B Hayes & T Dabernig), Angel's Voice (D Brideoake), Not For Izzy (A & J Williams), All Paid (P Payne), Transit Lane (R Hickmott), Exclusion Zone (C Templeton)

HEAT 20 - 990m | 1:00.35s

1. Golden Gorge - R Hickmott

2. Atomic Rock (NZ) - M Price & M Kent Jnr

3. Etowah County (NZ) - A & J Williams

Unplaced: Give Me Ten (NZ) (D Brideoake), Court Deep (C Maher & D Eustace), Wonga Miss (C Templeton), Tears To Glory (NZ) (P Payne), Longclaw (P Payne), Orisha (NZ) (C Maher & D Eustace), Prince Elvis (K Southey)

HEAT 21 - 1190m | 1:12.47s

1. Approach Discreet - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Music of the Night - P Carey

3. Pounamu - M Kent

Unplaced: Dancing Dougie (A & J Williams), Albenca Street (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Blue Jay Way (G Begg), Northern Woods (NZ) (H Dwyer), My Buttons Bigger (P Keane), Arabian Affairs (C Templeton), Marvelous Mirren (C Maher & D Eustace), I Am Baymax (G Cross)

HEAT 22 - 1190m | 1:12.41s

1. Clever Cut - P Payne

2. Maclairey (NZ) - P Carey

3. Prima (NZ) - J Bridgman

Unplaced: Clifford Snowflake (M Price & M Kent Jnr), I'm Brian Too (NZ) (R Hickmott), Not Available (P Payne), Dessert Time (A&J Williams), General Bordeaux (GB) (P Stokes), Jojo's Enchantress (M Brown), Bolshoi Boy (NZ) (S Nichols)

HEAT 23 - 1550m | 1:36.84s

1. Pissaro - R Laing

2. High Mode (NZ) - A Freedman

3. Ropeadope - R Laming

Unplaced: Defibrillate (NZ) (P Payne), Devine Tilly (J Warren), Rajpipla (NZ) (B McGrath), Galveston (J Waldron), Proletaire (J Laing), Solar Coaster (NZ) (H Dwyer)



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