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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 1 March 2021



Field: Bobby's Kitten x Just A Girl (R Laming), Gabstar (C Alderson), Identical (W Kelly), Miss Carrie Ann (C Alderson), Morecoruba (J Welsh), Regal Magnate (T Busuttin), Shadow Hawk (T Busuttin)

Field: Stratum Star x Flying Attitude (J Allen), Pierro x Forty Winks (C Alderson), Edge Of Reward (C Alderson), Exceed Expect (T Busuttin & N Young), Fore (R Griffiths), Tarbena (B Laming)

Field: Blue Angel (T Busuttin), Boadelle (S Bottomley), Danerich Dan (R Besanko), Hellion Of Cluster (R Griffiths), Holy Spirit (M Kent), Iris West (M Brown), Memumsmedad (J Allen), Ronniejay (R Laming), Token Spirit (R Griffiths), Winsum (K Keys)

Field: Chase On The Case (M Brown), Fast 'N' Deep (M Sues), Feodorovna (C Hyland), Finesse Tess (K Corstens), Hayrick Lane (J Allen), Hernandez (R Griffiths), I Am Eloquent (T Busuttin), Lesmurdie (W Kelly), Maritana (J Welshs), Unchain My Bike (G Bedggood)

Field: Warhorse x Aerialist (S Bottomley), Bonee (M Brown), Miss Gobcain (M Webb), Peskijen (D Arnold), Ripper Rita (G Eurell), Tall Boy (N Dunn), Volatile Stock (T Busuttin), Volatore (C Maher)

Field: Bellonna (E Jusufovic), Blinder (T Busuttin), Brookwyn (R Griffiths), Cometh The Hour (G Eurell), Don't Doubt Dory (J Welsh), Firstclass Dreamer (M Brown), Lord Markel (W Kelly), Pilote (K Corstens), Preliminaires (L Jones), Rich Turf (A Sheehan)

Field: Lucas Cranach x Vanilla Spin (A McCabe), Dommantella (G Eurell), I'm The Boldest (M Brown), Saint Mahjong (T Busuttin), Tavajen (D Arnold), Tharsis (R Griffiths), The Ronin Dreams (L Jones), Whizz Tizz (J Welsh), Writtle (T Busuttin)

Field: Dr Drill (C Maher), Midnight Percy (M Brown), Miroku (M Webb), Molly Golightly (G Eurell), Motamayiz (R Laming), Our Chevalier (R Griffiths), Piercings (T Taggart), Stravain (R Griffiths)

Field: Always In Moment (M Kent), Ancient Apothecary (T Busuttin), Domqualo (M Brown), Gee Bee Ess (R Laming), Goldiluva (T Busuttin), Hawk (R Laming), Imprinted (A McCabe), La Marsa (T Busuttin), St Cloud Femme (T Busuttin), The Big Easy (C Maher)

Field: Echo Luna (E Musgrove), Falls (M Kent), Jayrod Too (J Sandhu), Lord Belvedere (C Maher), Poleaxed (K Keys), Skyward (T Busuttin)

Field: Battle Wise (K Mayberry), Chuck A Luck (T Busuttin & N Young), Happy Pirate (J Purcell), Yulong January (C Maher), Zoumanor (M Kent)

Field: Zuberi x Sequin Delight (D Walker), Anything But (E Musgrove), Dogmatic (R Laming), Gunner Get It Dunn (N Dunn), Mick 'N' Me (E Musgrove), Road To Blue Sky (E Musgrove), Whispering Bob (B McGrath)

Field: Anikery (D Williams), Bobsled (R Laming), Kapuziner (E Musgrove), Sarodec (R Laming), Saunter Boy (C Maher), Sir Dragonet (C Maher), Yulong Emperor (N Dunn)

Field: Buffalo Bill (E Musgrove), Feel The Rush (C Maher), Galactic Fury (C Maher), Greythorn (E Musgrove), Here's Alwyn (M Grey), Holy Mongolian (R Laming), Mawaany Machine (C Maher), Reliable Lovin' (R Laming)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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