Cranbourne Jump Outs - 1 February 2021



Field: Cordoba (R Maund), Frag (S Eden), Gunner Get It Dunn (N Dunn), House Keeping (A Sheehan), Kapuziner (E Musgrove), Play Me Now (C Alderson), Rich Itch (S Mathrick), Ruby Sunrise (D Short), Thinklikelightning (S Chan)

Field: Coleridge (S Musgrove), Haka's Hit (L Doyle), Helen's The Boss (C Hyland), Jour Luck (S Chan), Lysandra (N Burke), Mirage Dancer (T Busuttin), Mitchell (S Eden), Otrera (E Musgrove), Prince Alby (A Keenan), Staredown (C Maher)

Field: Amagnum (M Brown), Butlers Beach (J Williams), Fly By Khan (T Nikolic), Groovy Kinda Love (M Kent), Ilovebangkok (G Eurell), Melba Storm (T Busuttin & N Young)

Field: Bullarook Boy (D Short), Kung Fu Abbey (W Kelly), Mongolian (D Harrison), Rathlin (C Maher), Redskin Jimmy (T Busuttin), She's 'N' Effort (G Eurell), Symbolica (N Dunn)

Field: Asternishing (M Bell), Inviva (G Eurell), Megaphone (K Corstens), Ocean Raider (R Griffiths), Oracolo (R Griffiths), Smoke 'N' Gin (J Price), Tavistorm (T Busuttin), The Buzz (T Busuttin)

Field: Squamosa x Empress Ida (C Alderson), Animal Kingdom x Carousing (B McGrath), Beau Night (T Busuttin), Foxy Gal (R Griffiths), Gossitino (R Griffiths), Jimmy Don't Cry (G Eurell), Micklewhite (T Busuttin), Two Dollar Tom (C Hyland),

Field: Iffraaj x Pipi Beel (C Alderson), Adelaide x Peggy Fue (J Price), Regal Magnate (T Busuttin & N Young), Rue Vivienne (T Busuttin), Sapphire Sioux (G Eurell), Wine From Tears (R Griffiths),

Field: Malevolent (L Oliver), Pay Your Dues (D Short), Praguematist (M Webb), Rich Hips (T Busuttin & N Young), Sir Loft (J Sandhu), Spanish Reef (K Keys), Vongole (E Jusufovic), Zizi La Fille (K Corstens),

Field: Albarado (T Busuttin), And She Was (K Keys), Cashoffa (S Mathrick), Elite Choice (N Dunn), Miss Pearly Kate (M Webb), Moose Jaw (S Wynne), Mysterious Art (R Griffiths), Oh So Far (M Kent), Reward For Rosie (A McCabe), Robbie's Mark (E Jusufovic), Tamuchi (W Kelly)

Field: Avozinha (F Finnegan), Cliffette (C Alderson), Cosmic King (K Corstens), Frenzy Lune (G Hayes), Kalleske (J Sandhu), Oneira (A Sheehan), Savvy Lad (T Busuttin), Supreme Belief (L Oliver), The Running Man (R Griffiths), Write Enuff (K Keys)

Field: Rebel Raider x Zivargo Lass (T Rogers), Smart Missile x Devils Arcade (C Alderson), Charmed Individual (T Busuttin), Citaleon (N Burke), Cornucopia (R Griffiths), Ellmaknifico (C Maher), Helavabel (G Eurell), Kardashian Klass (K Keys), Kildare (M Kent), Our Joe (G Hayes), Whispering Bob (B McGrath)

Field: Golden Pearl (S Georgios), Here's Alwyn (M Grey), Hit The Moon (L Oliver), It's A Jungle (S Valli), Megamoon (N Shelton), Moonridge Rising (S Zschoke), Psoas (D Noonan), Springlodge (G Hayes), The Cook (M Webb)

Field: Bullet Train x Sunday's Pleasure (S Zschoke), Trojan of Troy x Sebastians Tart (P Foster), Bucks (D Noonan), Major Gowen (D Noonan), Mazaz (E Musgrove), Moshkenny (G Cluning), Mr One Eleven (E Musgrove), Scarlett Heart (C Maher), Yulong Emperor (N Dunn), Zataglio (E Musgrove)

Field: Bedivere (E Musgrove), Canford Lass (E Musgrove), Divided Loyalty (K Mayberry), Eyes Are Blue (D Noonan), Joshua Reynolds (E Musgrove), Peak Hill (E Musgrove)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good/Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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