Coleraine Jump Outs - 28 September 2020


Field: Reykjavik (D Bates / L Smith), Choisborder (C Caserta / L Smith), Smiler Marshall (M Julius / S Wilde), Frondeur (D Yendall / M Williams), Spring Break (H Norman / M Williams)

Field: Rolls (C Caserta / L Smith), Capital Zous (D Bates / L Smith), Magic Recipe (D Yendall / M Williams), Swift Sure (H Norman / M Williams), Takumi (K Bohorun / A Purcell), Palatial Power (R Short / A Purcell)

Field: Dee Keepa (D Bates / L Smith), Aasire (C Caserta / L Smith), Turbofan (H Norman / M Williams), Pankhurst (D Yendall / M Williams), Snoano (R Short / A Purcell), Rome (K Bohorun / A Purcell)

Field: Terracotta (C Caserta / L Smith), Early Plea (D Bates / D Bowman), Outflank (D Yendall / M Williams), Savaheat (H Norman / M Price & M Kent Jnr), Tan Check (C Ferguson / J Bull), Lord Of The Turf (R Short / A Purcell)

Field: The Dec (D Yendall / M Williams), Orcus (H Norman / M Williams), Avida (C Marshall / A Purcell), Mighty Ganges (R Short / A Purcell), Rhee's Reward (D Bates / D Bowman), Wanalirri (C Caserta / P Ryan), Kent Street (M Julius / P Chow)

Field: Hampton Cove (H Norman / M Williams), Boromir (D Yendall / M Williams), Innate Talent (C Marshall / A Purcell), Laforia (R Short / A Purcell), Golden Able (C Caserta / P Ryan), Better Than Ready x Sophia Lag (D Bates / J Baker), Red Casino (M Julius / P McKenna)

Field: The Ladies Man (D Bates / L Smith), Njord (C Caserta / K Edwards), Queen Zyrah (M Julius / S Wilde), Foresight (R Short / S Wilde), Faithful Diamond (C Ferguson / J Bull), Master Bartholdi (D Yendall / M Williams), Longduan (C Marshall / P Ryan)

Field: One Small Step (C Caserta / L Smith), Suker (D Bates / L Smith), Wishfilly (M Julius / S Wilde), City Place x Siren Miss (C Marshall / P Ryan), Lacrima (J Constantine / J Constantine), Realeza (R Short / S Wilde)

Field: Delightful Choice x Cocoa Tycoon (C Ferguson / J Bull), Atomic Storm (C Marshall / J Barry), Jester Monty (C Caserta / K Edwards), Sirileo Miss (M Julius / S Wilde), Tralee Rose (R Short / S Wilde), Set To Fight (D Bates / D Bowman)

Field: Barcelona Rock (D Bates / D Bowman), Mazy Motion (M Julius / P Ryan), Day On The Drink (C Marshall / C Marshall), Devil Wears Prada (J Constantine / A McGrath), Chaparral Belle (C Caserta / A Purcell)

Field: Nordic Symphony (M Julius / S Wilde), Periscope (C Caserta / P Ryan), Georgethefifth (R Short / S Wilde), Superleggera (S Baxter / P Ryan)

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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