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Coleraine Jump Outs - 17 August 2020


Field: Royal Performance (L Smith) Piccadilly Street (S Wilde), Kazio (A Purcell), Kissinger (L Smith), Mischa (S Wilde), Sciacca (L Smith)

Field: Wando Bel (D Kolpin), Stigwood (S Wilde), Le Baol (L Smith), Prince Of Eagles (L Smith), Chicken Fried (T Cottier)

Field: Thunder Fox (L Smith), The Cure (L Smith), Auld Regret (S Wilde), Artie Schiller x Beijing Bound (S Wilde), Money For Old Rope (L Smith), Kolpin (D Kolpin)

Field: Catch The Drift (J Smith), Khan Of Khans (L Smith), Tuvalu (L Smith), Regal Ruler (L Smith), The Garden (S Wilde), Allibor (S Wilde)

Field: Zesty Boy (J Bull), Bianconi x Chancel (J Constantine), War Na Bool (J Madden), Sheza Fritza (L Smith), Spirit Of Boom x Inthemix (L Smith), Ulanni (L Smith)

Field: Vin De Dance (S Wilde), The King (L Smith), Clever Approach (L Smith), Nordic Symphony (S Wilde), Kellstorm (S Wilde), Khezerabad (A Purcell), Windupgirl (J Bull)

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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