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Colac Jump Outs - 2 December 2020


Field: THE WILD ONE (D Thornton / G Thornton), EIGHT SECONDS (D Ruby / B Stanaway), I'M A BUONARROTI (S Vella / M Young), PRITCHETT (N Farley / B Cerchi), JUST HANG UP (M Dunsheath / P Payne)

Field: GROGANS ANVIL (N Farley / B Cerchi), ONE POINT FIVE (D Thornton / G Thornton), FIRST MATE (S Vella / K Vella), DARWIN'S THEORY (M Dunseath / P Payne)

Field: SOMETHING GRAND (N Farley / J Scott), UNICC STAR (M Price / V Malady), MAGIC CITY (???? / H Dwyer), TWELVE GAUGE (D Ruby / B Stanaway)

Field: ONE PENNY RED (M Price / J Edwards), PERFECT COVE (N Farley / B Cerchi), HOSTILE TAKEOVER (???? / J Eady), HEIR TO THE THRONE (D Thornton / H Dwyer), IANREX (D Ruby / B Stanaway)

Field: ELITE DRAKE (D Thornton / A Hinch), TYPICALLY BRAZEN (M Price / J Edwards), CACTUS KING (J Kennedy / D O'Sullivan), ARIVAKOVA (D Bates / A Alexander)

Field: RUDY RUDE (J Kennedy / V Malady), MR MOFEED (M Price / J Edwards), THE MITRE (???? / B Cerchi), VALENTINOS ON (D Thornton / H Dwyer), WITHOUT A CAUSE (N Farley / A Alexander)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Gass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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