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Colac Jump Outs - 14 October 2020


Field: Master Magnus (D Loos), Zou Dancer (T Corstens), The Astrologist (T Corstens), Frosted x unknown dam (M Young)

Field: Toro Lad (D Loos), Foxwedge x Swift Sands (A Hinch), Sweet Home Alabama (T Corstens), Alfoil (T Corstens), Dependable Nite (T Parker), Up (M Young)

Field: Maid Of Iron (T Corstens), Hench Man (A Hinch), Sizzling Nymph (T Parker), My Brilliant Choix (T Corstens), Shamus Award x unknown dam (C Calthorpe), I'm A Buonarroti (M Young),

Field: Heka Express (T Corstens), Black Prince Ruby (K Vella), El Fabio (K Vella), Gunna Gunna (C Calthorpe)

Field: Pay The Ransom (C Calthorpe), Stratessa (H Dwyer), Ms Prompdrometer (R Pompe), Dot (T Parker), Lady Canford (J Edwards), Little Miss Gutsaa (J Edwards)

Field: Hailey's Diva (J Edwards), Miletus (J Edwards), Lovano (D Loos), Triple Red (G Thornton), Loose Arrow (G Webb)

Field: Naval Envoy (D Loos), La Spezia (J Edwards), Hierarchal (B Londregan), Chocolate Martini (R Pompe), Deploy And Destroy (J Edwards), Lexington Lad (H Dwyer)

Field: Nostradam Man (G Webb), Howgoodisplumbing (S Pateman), Disco Connolly (S Pateman)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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