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Caulfield Jump Outs - 6 October 2020



Field: Fortune Legend (J.D.Sadler), Gulf Of Suez (C.Maher), Oriental Legend (J.D.Sadler), Power Of Grace (G.M.Begg), Zuma (L.M.Kennewell)

Field: Karolinka (C.Maher), Modern Legend (J.D.Sadler), Nice For What (C.Maher), Prince Amongst Men (M.Price), The Art Of Flying (C.Maher)

Field: Extreme Choice x Magic Zefta (C.Maher), Freemium (G.L.Rielly), No Nay Never x Launched (C.Maher), Sunshine Legend (J.D.Sadler), Territories x Heaven (C.Maher), Wonder Legend (J.D.Sadler)

Field: Atypical (C.McDonald), Cashedtothemax (R.L.Hickmott), Deal Flow (G.M.Begg), Gotta Be Honest (J.P.Salanitri), Green Opinions (R.L.Hickmott), Handball (M.Price), Rosenstrasse (J.J.Moloney), The Dec (M.Price)

Field: Clap (R.L.Hickmott), Curwood (NZ) (J.D.Sadler), Explosive Jack (NZ) (C.Maher), Extra Zoom (M.Price), Phere Her (G.M.Begg), The Motley Fool (M.Price)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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