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Caulfield Jump Outs - 16 February 2021



Field: Contrition (NZ) (M.Price), Frankly Harvey (R.L.Hickmott), Gold Spark (N.W.Ryan), Golden Gorge (R.L.Hickmott), Legionnaire (J.J.Moloney), Odeum (M.Price), Sartorial Splendor (John Sadler)

Field: Boogie Wonderland (R.L.Hickmott), Gypsy Choice (M.Price), Laughing Grizzley (Mick Price), Redeel (M.Price)

Field: Belluna (R.L.Hickmott), Dawn Hunter (M.Price), Dun Warrior (M.Price), Free Market (M.Price), Navajo (C.Maher), Port Louis (C.Maher), Tagomago (L.M.Kennewell), Tan Tat Beau (R.L.Hickmott)

Field: Bedford Estate (NZ) (M.Price), Charity Spirit (R.L.Hickmott), Flying Green (J.J.Moloney), Guaranteed (M.Price), Jade's Mission (Mick Price), Realised (C.Maher), The Civilian (L.M.Kennewell)

Field: Brooklyn Boss (NZ) (M.Price), Gobbled (M.Price), Gold Glamour (C.Scott), Puppeteer (C.Maher), Shalaa x Antalaga (R.L.Hickmott), Takara (NZ) (C.Maher), Teofilo x Star Jasmine (R.L.Hickmott)

Field: Bigdoorprize (J.D.Sadler), Dalgarno (NZ) (M.Price), Deepstrike (NZ) (M.Price), Johnny Buccaneer (M.Price), Miracle Day (R.L.Hickmott), Stormy Daniela (J.J.Moloney)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Steeple Grass, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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