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Camperdown Jump Outs - 27 April 2021


Field: All Fairy Prince (K Bourke), Let's Karaka Deel (C Maher), Sleepless (A Alexander), South Pacific (C Maher), Themagicneverends (M Cunningham)

Field: More Than Ready x Tapanappa (D Bowman), Blend (T & C McEvoy), Elite Icon (T & C McEvoy), More Than Discreet (D O'Sullivan), Night Eclipse (M Raymond), Perfect Legacy (A Alexander), Summit Queen (L Smith), Tokoyo (C Maher)

Field: Celtic Glory (D O'Sullivan), Deep Diversion (M Freedman), Hurtle (T & C McEvoy), Talantino (C Maher), Tanaka Son (T & M McEvoy), Wind Dreamer (A Alexander)

Field: Dissident x On The Loose (M Freedman), Adir Star (C Maher), Bullzeye Beauty (S Wilde), Burum (C Maher), EClair Sunrise (D O'Sullivan), Star Killer (L Smith), Starsella (T & C McEvoy), Swiss Hero (A Alexander), Tycoon's Girl (T McEvoy)

Field: Amuri (T McEvoy), Guidance Above (B Cerchi), In Hot Water (M Williams), Monica Room (L Smith), Outflank (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Shezawitness (M Price & M Kent Jnr), The Cure (L Smith), Thunder Point (S Wilde), Victory Tears (T & C McEvoy)

Field: Ayahuasca (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Big Option (M Freedman), Charlie's Tin (M Williams), Moor Wanted (P Chow), Mutinous (M Price & M Kent Jnr), National Guard (L Smith), Shantara (K Vella), Yarra Boy (L Smith)

Field: Unencumbered x Player On Eight (A Alexander), Continuance (L Smith), La Vina (L Smith), Rocabella (T McEvoy), Trust But Verify (T Birnie), Valley Of Hearts (S Wilde), Yulong Contact (M Freedman), Yulong Justify (T McEvoy), Zupagroove (K Vella)

Field: Master Of Design x Annie A Gem (J Barry), El Fabio (K Vella), Irish Rockstar (L Smith), No Nay Emerald (M Freedman), Panama Papers (L Smith), Sea Crossing (A Alexander), The Difference (T McEvoy), Vahash (T McEvoy)

Field: Arktika Klasse (S Pateman), Balle D'Or (S Morrish), Crackerjack Prince (A Alexander), Fuentess (D Cannon), Love 'N' Peace (T & C McEvoy), Red Mick (D Cunningham), Riding The Wave (L Smith), Star Of Uma (T & C McEvoy), Yulong Prediction (M Freedman), Zupafy (K Vella)

Field: Fields Of Ivy (T McEvoy), Halogen (T McEvoy), Lopez (T McEvoy), Maha (T McEvoy), Tessneem (T McEvoy), The Waterman (T McEvoy)

Field: Brookline (A Alexander), Catskill (D O'Sullivan), Hauteur (A Alexander), Lady Cumberland (D Larsson), My Man Godfrey (D O'Sullivan), Tintinwin (L Smith)

Field: Almsgiver (M Williams), Lord Goldberg (A Bobbin), Mi Keri Pi (M Freedman), Moonlight Maid (M Freedman), Never No More (S Morrish), Night Guy (M Price), Savaheat (M Price)

Field: Amerock (M Freeman), Craftmanship (M Price), French War (M Price), No Say In It (L Smith), Scottish Dancer (A Bobbin), The Dec (M Price & M Kent Jnr)

Field: Atomic Rock (M Price), Dusk Falls (M Williams), Easy Drama (D Larsson), Prince Of Eagles (L Smith), Reciprocation (A Alexander), Royal Exit (M Williams), Supreme Thunder (A Alexander)

Field: Heptagon (M Price), Hit The Rim (A Alexander), Maxaway (A Alexander), Mont Agel (P Ryan Jnr), Smoke Bomb (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Southfield (J Barry), Whowoodathort (V Malady), Winsome Voyage (D Larsson)

Field: Flaming Victory (A Hinch), Harbour Rose (K O'Brien), Lady Fiorente (M Williams), Orienzel (M Price), Periscope (P Ryan), Quick 'N' Dandy (A Alexander), Ventisette (A Alexander)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted mostly on the back straight and some on the Course Proper , with the track rated Heavy.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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