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Camperdown Jump Outs - 23 March 2021


Field: Artie's Image (Quinton Scott), Fight On Shades (Matthew Williams), Miss Field (Lindsey Smith), Rewartin (Matthew Williams), The Big Kahuna (Peter Hardacre), Wangoom (Matthew Williams), Sebring x Queen Of Eight (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Your Song x Hidden Message (Lindsey Smith)

Field: Ready For Victory x Ocean Diamond (Chris Calthorpe), Broadwayandfourth (Mitchell Freedman), Prince Of Eagles (Lindsey Smith), Sumo (Daniel Bowman), Tinandali (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Tydeus (Lindsey Smith), Vesnina (Ken Elford)

Field: Aurora's Symphony (Symon Wilde), Didier (Kelvin Bourke), Fine Weather (Mitchell Freedman), Luxitorah (Daniel Bowman), McKeever (Symon Wilde), Thrill Kill (Peter Hardacre), Vahvuus (Jamie Edwards), Yulong Patrol (Late: Black Society) (Andrew Bobbin)

Field: Bam's On Fire (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Begood Toya Mother (Daniel Bowman), Dalgarno (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Ho Ho Lord (Mitchell Freedman), Master Magnus (Danielle Loos), Media Award (Chris Calthorpe), Native Soldier (Maddie Raymond), Naval Warfare (Lindsey Smith), Redwood Shadow (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Golden Halo (Daniel Bowman), Light Pillar (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Maserartie Bay (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Millennium Jewel (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Prince Ziggy (Jamie Edwards), Star Finder (Vincent Malady), Tango Gold (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Thunder Cloud (Maddie Raymond), Von De Lune (Danielle Loos)

Field: Americain Typhoon (Clint Marshall), Bit Of A Lad (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Black Monsoon (Chris Calthorpe), Mighty Oasis (Andrew Bobbin), Moxatation (Peter Hardacre), Rudy Rude (Vincent Malady), Seiners Express (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Von's Gift (Shayne Fisher)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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