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Camperdown Jump Outs - 23 March 2021


Field: Brat (Maddie Raymond), Capital Raider (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Dueastar (Matthew Williams), Recap (Lindsey Smith), Red Sanders (Lindsey Smith), Rioyuki (Matthew Williams), Royal Fox (Matthew Williams), Vignale (Mitchell Freedman)

Field: Artie's Image (Quinton Scott), Fight On Shades (Matthew Williams), Miss Field (Lindsey Smith), Rewartin (Matthew Williams), The Big Kahuna (Peter Hardacre), Wangoom (Matthew Williams), Sebring x Queen Of Eight (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Your Song x Hidden Message (Lindsey Smith)

Field: Atomic x Gold Bridian (Daniel Bowman), Bella Amore (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Lustre's Last (Mitchell Freedman), Norfolk Love (Quinton Scott), One Point Five (Glenn Thornton), Pragmatic (Daniel Bowman), Sir Davy (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Sovereign Gold (Lindsey Smith), Waitingfortheday (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Dress (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Early Plea (Daniel Bowman), Inn Keeper (Symon Wilde), Pride Of Jenni (Symon Wilde), Kissinger (Lindsey Smith), Royal Performance (Lindsey Smith), Towners Flyer (Mitchell Freedman), Zende (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Ready For Victory x Ocean Diamond (Chris Calthorpe), Broadwayandfourth (Mitchell Freedman), Prince Of Eagles (Lindsey Smith), Sumo (Daniel Bowman), Tinandali (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Tydeus (Lindsey Smith), Vesnina (Ken Elford)

Field: Bengal Bandit (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Bubbly Lass (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Eyestryke (Matthew Williams), Moral Force (Mitchell Freedman), Mauser (Jamie Edwards), Ocean Beyond (Daniel Bowman), Queen Zyrah (Symon Wilde), Reykjavik (Lindsey Smith), Summer Light (John Slater)

Field: Capriccio (Daniel Bowman), Ginny Ann (Symon Wilde), Gold Helmet (Mitchell Freedman), Grandma Gail (Jamie Edwards), Grassmere Miss (Adam Chambers), Jacqui (Rachel Gane), La Duquesa (Richard Cully), Sixtyfourth Street (Pat Ryan Jnr)

Field: Aurora's Symphony (Symon Wilde), Didier (Kelvin Bourke), Fine Weather (Mitchell Freedman), Luxitorah (Daniel Bowman), McKeever (Symon Wilde), Thrill Kill (Peter Hardacre), Vahvuus (Jamie Edwards), Yulong Patrol (Late: Black Society) (Andrew Bobbin)

Field: Bam's On Fire (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Begood Toya Mother (Daniel Bowman), Dalgarno (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Ho Ho Lord (Mitchell Freedman), Master Magnus (Danielle Loos), Media Award (Chris Calthorpe), Native Soldier (Maddie Raymond), Naval Warfare (Lindsey Smith), Redwood Shadow (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Golden Halo (Daniel Bowman), Light Pillar (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Maserartie Bay (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Millennium Jewel (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Prince Ziggy (Jamie Edwards), Star Finder (Vincent Malady), Tango Gold (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Thunder Cloud (Maddie Raymond), Von De Lune (Danielle Loos)

Field: Malawi Cove (Chris Calthorpe), Namakwa (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Night's Watch (Andrew Bobbin), Perfect Zed (Peter Hardacre), Smokin' Soldier (Jamie Edwards), Switchboard (Michael Townsend), Typhoon Moon (Daniel Bowman), Unanimous (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Wentwood (Maddie Raymond), Zazster (Danielle Loos)

Field: Americain Typhoon (Clint Marshall), Bit Of A Lad (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Black Monsoon (Chris Calthorpe), Mighty Oasis (Andrew Bobbin), Moxatation (Peter Hardacre), Rudy Rude (Vincent Malady), Seiners Express (Ciaron Maher/David Eustace), Von's Gift (Shayne Fisher)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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