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Camperdown Jump Outs - 22 March 2022



HEAT 1 - 800m | 52.70s

1. Stardom Awaayts - M Williams

2. Graceful Mist - M Williams

3. One Out - T & C McEvoy

HEAT 2 - 800m | 53.80s

1. Majestic Rossa - M Williams

2. Anphina - A Bobbin

3. Impending Star - D Bowman

Unplaced: Perisseuo (T McEvoy), Complacent x Parvati (NZ) (M Williams), Rock 'N' Roll Diva (D Bowman), Two Questions (NZ) (C Maher)

HEAT 3 - 800m | 51.20s

1. Dillinger - T & C McEvoy

2. Atahu - R Hickmott

3. Go Now - M Cunningham

Unplaced: Mean Girls (M Williams), Hollerlujah (H Dwyer), Manhattan Lane (M Price), Montreux (C Maher), Cato Lake (A Bobbin)

HEAT 4 - 800m | 50.90s

1. Vallencourt - M Sheperdson

2. Zoe's Promise - D Cannon

3. Motitsi - J Julius

HEAT 5 - 800m | 51.30s

1. Duhlata - A Chambers

2. Cracker Belle - K Vella

3. Ripit Toff - M Cunningham

Unplaced: Feudal Empire (C Maher), Zounile (M Price), Sea Princess (M Williams), George The Giant (H Dwyer), Grand Quill (B Lawlor), Southfield (J Barry)

HEAT 6 - 800m | 52.80s

1. All About Eve - A Noblet

2. Cotton Eye Joe (NZ) - S Wilde

3. Sachem - M Williams

Unplaced: Seacole (C Maher), Castle of Kings (NZ) (W Clarken), Boots Tarrington (M Cunningham), Coolth (T McEvoy), Tequila Storm (A Chambers)

HEAT 7 - 800m | 51.90s

1. Speed Lover - T & C McEvoy

2. Booker Tee - S Wilde

3. Chorizama - S Wilde

Unplaced: Tunero (E Fouchard), Cable Town (M Cumani), Lumin (A Noblet), Arizona Star (R Hickmott), Princess Nefertiti (C Maher), Americain Heart (M Freedman), Lingayen Gulf (J Scott), Bennie Blu (J Purcell)

HEAT 8 - 800m | 52.40s

1. Fiesty Vixen - J Scott

2. Inn Keeper - S Wilde

3. Star Of Chaos - T & C McEvoy

Unplaced: Just A Rebel (S Wilde), Martha Lavinia (H Dwyer), Lastar (T & C McEvoy), Skyzie Bell (A Noblet), Northern Sky (R Hickmott), Up All Night (NZ) (J Julius), Unencumbered x Gowana (M Freedman)

HEAT 9 - 800m | 51.10s

1. Winners Bet - T Dabernig

2. Adandiman - M Freedman

3. Moon Yanco - M Cumani

Unplaced: Northern Ivy (A Noblet), Star In The Mist (C Maher), True Nobility (P Chow), Boss Queen (C Maher), Sunday Buzz (NZ) (S Wilde), Jokester (C Maher)

HEAT 10 - 800m | 50.80s

1. No Way Ever - C Maher & D Eustace

2. Silent Sovereign - T & C McEvoy

3. Coastal Town (NZ) - S Wilde

Unplaced: Halogen (M Payne), Royal Filly (C Maher), Sweet Tycoon (A Noblet), Broadway Lane (M Freedman), Tuscan Heat (GB) (A Alexander), Palatial Rock (H Dwyer), Hostar (P Chow), Hollywood Siren (C Maher), Easton You Beauty (J Markovic)

HEAT 11 - 800m | 49.80s

1. Sistine Explorer - A Noblet

2. My Boy Birmingham - T & C McEvoy

3. Kaituku (NZ) - S Wilde

Unplaced: Petani (C Maher), Tinandali (IRE) (C Maher), Belle Plaisir (NZ) (T & C McEvoy), Jellicle Choice (M Freedman), Mayatrix (N Kelson), Escalade (M SHeperdson), Arabica (GER) (un-listed trainer), Nicstar (C Maher)

HEAT 12 - 800m | 51.20s

1. Savatoxl - T & C McEvoy

2. Our Wind Spirit (NZ) - L Smith

3. Belle Et Riche - M Freedman

Unplaced: Crystal Bound (C Maher), Capriccio (D Bowman), Three Kings (T McEvoy), Matilda'svain (A Noblet), Springvale Road (L Smith)

HEAT 13 - 1000m | 59.80s

1. Harbin - L Smith

2. Pindari Point - A Alexander

3. Hazardous Joy - A Noblet

Unplaced: Flute Of Brut (S Wilde), Superior Sam (NZ) (L Smith), Something Grand (J Scott), Rebel Tinge (A Purcell), Apache Station (D Cannon), Ascot Red (D Maher)

HEAT 14 - 1000m | 1:00.20s

1. The Brumby - T & C McEvoy

2. Nancho (GER) - A Alexander

3. Corner Pocket - L Smith

Unplaced: Heljami (C Maher), Adelaide Ace (NZ) (L Smith), Nicajon (M Sheperdson), The Forth Bridge (M Cumani), Extra Exclusive (GB) (un-listed trainer)

HEAT 15 - 1000m | 59.40s

1. Great Again - L Smith

2. Mystery Shot - L Smith

3. Wish I Might - D Bowman

Unplaced: Almsgiver (NZ) (M Williams), Barcelona Rock (NZ) (D Bowman), Humble Pie (NZ) (S Wilde), Songaa (M Price), Tom Foolery (A Alexander), Masterkindu (GB) (H Dwyer), Jukila (NZ) (M Price)

HEAT 16 - 1000m | 58.70s

1. Starsella - T & C McEvoy

2. Write Your Name - L Smith

3. Puppeteer - C Maher & D Eustace

Unplaced: Cadbury Castle (GB) (L Smith), Barade (FR) (A Alexander), Deific (S Wilde), Wahine Toa (C Maher), Raghallach (D Cannon)

HEAT 17 - 1000m | 1:00.50s

1. Dyerville (NZ) - M Williams

2. Mystery Island (JPN) - L Smith

3. Cambourne - M Price & M Kent Jnr

Unplaced: Chantrea (L Smith), Romany Rocks (S Wilde), Raffish (A Alexander), Snow Star (J Robinson), Irish Playboy (H Dwyer), Psycho Kate (R Hickmott), Areefa (A Shillito)

HEAT 18 - 1000m | 59.70s

1. Maximus Prime (NZ) - A Alexander

2. Cheerful Moment (NZ) - L Smith

3. Mark The Horse - M Payne

Unplaced: Queen Zyrah (S Wilde), King Of Pharaohs (S Wilde), Crusade Warrior (R Hickmott), Hench Man (A Hinch), Moscow Red (NZ) (H Dwyer), Hazey Maisie (A Shillito)

HEAT 19 - 1000m | 1:00.20s

1. Overkill - D Daffy

2. Oenology - M Williams

3. Artie's Image - Q Scott

Unplaced: Crimson Factor (M Price), Henry The Lion (NZ) (R Cully), In Trouble (P Grasser), Jungaburra (S Wilde)

HEAT 20 - 1400m | 1:24.30s

1. Game Keeper - T & C McEvoy

2. The Queens Riches - D Kelly

3. Brungle Raider - H Dwyer

Unplaced: Zoffala (T & C McEvoy), Rudhyar (GB) (L Smith), Feuermond (GER) (L Smith), Under the Bridge (NZ) (S Wilde), Red Muscat (NZ) (A Alexander), Thinking Man (M Price), Miss Chippeur (M Payne), Budd Fox (H Dwyer), Free Eagle (IRE) x Sister Earth (IRE) (A McDonald)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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