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Camperdown Jump Outs - 19 January 2021


Field: Cracker Jack King x Zupabelle (K Vella), Zoustar x Tendue (M Williams), Literary Magnate (M Williams), Luskin Lass (M Williams), Rose Of Maher (M Williams), Royal Fox (M Williams), Tuscan Sun (M Freedman)

Field: Lonhro x Commanding Secret (M Freedman), Shooting To Win x Consideration (S Wilde), Fortunate Kiss (D Bowman), White Stilettos (D O'Sullivan), Kaliuwaa Falls (M Freedman),

Field: Fiorente x Prose (L Smith), Eclair Sunrise (D O'Sullivan), Ingenious Fellow (A Alexander), Mingora (L Smith), To The Moon Alice (D Bowman)

Field: Coasting Along (P Chow), Constable (M Raymond), Ho Ho Lord (M Freedman), Ho Ho Prince (D O'Sullivan), One Small Step (L Smith), Ornamental Lady (D Bowman), Ulanni (L Smith), Perseids (M Freedman)

Field: Bajraktari (J Constantine), Night Revel (M Price & M Kent Jnr), No Nay Emerald (M Freedman), Oresome Brave (J Barry), Stripped Back (L Smith), Thunder Fox (L Smith), Thunder Point (S Wilde), Tonnarella (S Wilde), True Blue Jack (C Maher)

Field: Unencumbered x Copa De Ora (L Smith), Fighting Harada (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Fizzar (S Wilde), Moral Force (M Freedman), Noether (L Smith), Rapid Achiever (C Maher & D Eustace), Step Too Far (S Wilde), Sun Perle (M Freedman), Trick'n The Host (J Constantine)

Field: Toranado x Lustre (M Freedman), Coquille (M Freedman), Final Hurrah (J Constantine), Irish Rockstar (L Smith), Laudeylou (C Maher & D Eustace), O'Reilly McLuke (S Wilde), Peg Leg Ben (J Barry), Regal Ruler (L Smith), The Garden (S Wilde)

Field: Ginger Jones (A Noblet), Jukila (M Payne), La Vina (L Smith), Mystery Road (L Smith), Shock And Awe (L Smith), Stardayz (C Maher), Strategic Force (S Wilde)

Field: Adandiman (M Freedman), Big Blue (C Maher), Bumper Bar (A Noblet), Eagles Crag (A Alexander), Miss Chippeur (M Payne), Pappalino (A Alexander), Rebel Excell (M Freedman), Scorpius (M Price), Skyway Star (S Wilde)

Field: Bazini (S Wilde), Fiorente Lass (M Freedman), Happy Pharrell (C Maher), Haripour (E Church), Harmony Nation (A Alexander), Newbury (D Maher), Sense Of Honour (M Williams), Smokin Pierro (M Payne), Tapping (A Alexander)

Field: Arizona Drifter (J Constantine), Ascot Red (D Maher), Holburt (M Price), Sky Horse (C Maher), Smokin Romans (C Maher), Write Your Name (A Alexander), Young Rascal (A Alexander)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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