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Camperdown Jump Outs - 16 November 2020


Field: As I Please (S Wilde), Bella Tiara (M Williams), Cheh Cheh Charlee (R Daniel), Dawn Colours (D Bowman), Dominion Dancer (M Williams), Home Rule (M Raymond), Mister Dynamix (Q Scott), Rome (A Purcell)

Field: Champagne Witness (M Williams), Librate (M Price), Love In The City (R Daniel), Manhattan Arch (D Bowman), Paddy Mac (S Wilde), Shiny Penny (Q Scott)

Field: In Hot Water (M Williams), Jazz Star (P Chow), Kev's Girl (A Chambers), Kiongozi (Q Scott), Periodigal (M Williams), Sidewalk Sinner (D Bowman), Terrace House (M Price & M Kent)

Field: Bossy Demeanour (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Kuramae (M Williams), Robyn's Folly (D Bowman), Retrovailles (M Price)

Field: Atomic x Gold Bridian (D Bowman), Hostar (P Chow), Parcifica (D Daffy), Preston (M Williams), Rare Hare (M Price & M Kent Jnr)

Field: Anewdaydawning (M Trownsend), Fleurmosa (M Williams), Intellective (M Williams), Shezawitness (M Price & M Kent Jnr)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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