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BlackBook - Sunday, 5 June 2022

Please see below for our #BlackBook runner comments for Sunday, 5 June 2022. The runner's highlighted are our #BlackBook runners (the key runners of focus), while those included in the 'other' section of each race are additional runner's that have jumped out well enough to be worth noting. Our figures and benchmark ratings are from PuntingForm.

MOE - Race 5


#2 I AM WAR only has the 1x win and 1x placing from 11x career starts, that win and placing both coming first up (record of 3: 1-0-1), so he clearly goes best fresh. He’s now put together 2x jump out wins, taking out an 800m jump out on May 16 ahead of subsequent BM64 winner Princess Annalise prior to winning Heat 12 on May 30 ahead of Sir Kalahad with a massive gap back to 3rd. He clocked the fastest 1000m time of the morning in the process and being only 58-rated, he is a huge chance in a BM58 first up. We might get a nice $10+ price and he’ll likely sit on speed, so a huge watch.



Confidence - Comments

Moe, Race 5

#2 I AM WAR (1) - T Andrews


Barrier 1, 1017m and a BM58 at Moe is a lovely first up scenario on the back of his JO's.

We were hoping for a nice price first up ($10+) but in a race of this calibre, the $3+ is probably fair - think he should be winning.

Last Updated: 9:41am on Sunday, 5th June 2022.


Results (Aug '20 to Today):

'Highlighted' Runners:

664x runners | 199x winners (30%) & 209x placings (61%)

Ave Betfair SP | $8.32 WIN $2.31 PLC

'Other' Runners:

822x runners | 184x winners (22%) & 225x placings (50%)

Ave Betfair SP | $13.12 WIN $3.13 PLC

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  • Medium = one of the main winning chances - can bet.

  • High = very good winning chance - keen to have a bet.

  • Special = very keen, should be winning.

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