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BlackBook - Monday, 30 May 2022

Please see below for our #BlackBook runner comments for Monday, 30 May 2022. The runner's highlighted are our #BlackBook runners (the key runners of focus), while those included in the 'other' section of each race are additional runner's that have jumped out well enough to be worth noting. Our figures and benchmark ratings are from PuntingForm.



Two jump out wins for #6 AQUILION GIRL now, winning over 800m on May 10 and now again in Heat 6 on May 17. The 3yo filly has 3-starts for 0x placings, starting no shorter than $81 in either of her runs so we’ll expecting a big price but we may also some nice improvement into her second preparation on the back of these wins. She finished 6th of 7 and 7th of 7 in the 2x jump outs prior to her debut, so these wins are certainly encouraging.

#10 MY ARTEMIS showed tremendous speed in the early stages of Heat 11 on May 6 to go straight to a comfortable lead where she was able to hold that lead throughout to win, holding off For Real Life and Telluride, both of whom are more experienced than her. She clocked 50.85s, the fourth fastest of the morning and did so late in the day when all the other times were 51s+ to add merit to her run. She was 3rd on debut where 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th have all won since, which is nice enough form for her going into another maiden. She looks a speed filly.

Another nice jump out win for #10 MY ARTEMIS, who’s a very speedy filly but the worry for us is the fact she just leads and runs them off their legs over the 800m. She took out Heat 7 on May 20 in similar fashion to her May 6 jump out win, jumping straight to the front and leading the whole way. A 1000m maiden first up looks very suitable.



Confidence - Comments

Pakenham, Race 3

Wouldn't be outlaying a lot due to the prices - probably going to leave this race personally or play Aquilion Girl to place (rather than My Artemis to win, unless she drifts to $2+, but that's unlikely).

#6 AQUILION GIRL (1) - C Anderson

​Low/Medium - can't see her beating the favourite, but is definitely a place chance at nice odds.

#10 MY ARTEMIS (10) - B & JD Hayes

​High - hard to beat here, but not a betting proposition at ~$1.50.

Last Updated: 8:44am on Monday, 30th May 2022.


Results (Aug '20 to Today):

'Highlighted' Runners:

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'Other' Runners:

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  • Special = very keen, should be winning.

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