Bendigo Jump Outs - 29 September 2020



Field: Filip's Star (Kym Hann), It's Kind Of Magic (Brent Stanley), Kiata (Rod Symons), Tatunka (Bob Donat)

Field: Dry Creek Road (Gwenda Johnstone), Eitilt (NZ) (Brent Stanley), Fair Go (Danny Curran), In Her Honour (Sean Mott), Red Cracker (Bob Donat)

Field: Ferrocerium (Debbie Wills), Garbhan (Brent Stanley), Luna Chara (Rod Symons), Memphis Belle (Steven Lake), Not Alone (Brent Stanley), Starskin (Brydon Mills)

Field: Dallas Cowgirl (Brent Stanley), Kiss In Spring (Shaun Dwyer), Kwahadi (Bob Donat), Our Boy Cam (Keith Rawiller), Quiller's Delight (Brent Stanley)

Field: All Too Tough (Brent Stanley), Blax (Rod Symons), Dance Therapy (Daryn Drust), Daylight Shadow (Gwenda Johnstone), Here To Shock (NZ) (Brent Stanley), Tuscan Belle (Shaun Dwyer)

Field: Dissident x Akagera (Brent Stanley), Brolga Boy (Gwenda Johnstone), Line Of Descent (Brent Stanley), Our Lone Star (Sean Mott)

Field: Nicconi x Callista (Brent Stanley), Squamosa x Ashtaroth (Rhys Archard), Unencumbered x Bella Jewel (Brent Stanley), Gloves Are Off (Kym Hann), Grey Raptor (Tayne Foster), Ken's Way (Lee Bennewith)

Field: Betsy Be Good (NZ) (Kym Hann), Charcoal Annie (Rhys Archard), Davelliom (Danny Curran), Loe (Nick Smart), Only Right (Brad Cole), Rhythmic Queen (Josh Julius)

Field: Copthorne (Sean Mott), Fashion King (NZ) (Nick Smart), Hypnotica (Kym Hann), Recidivist (Erin Maher), Super Quick Love (Rhys Archard)

Field: Amaze'em (Tayne Foster), Bamaman (Gwenda Johnstone), Headman (Rhys Archard), Miss Breadwinner (Paul Banks), Worsfold (Nick Smart)

Field: Anakyn Daraxes (Adam O'Neill), Celtic Samurai (Adam O'Neill), Danes Ryker (Aileen Vanderfeen), Outatown Lover (Rod Symons), Sizzling Style (Danny Curran)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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