Bendigo Jump Outs - 27 April 2021



Field: Chadstone (Patrick Payne), Gate Crash (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Imperial Hilton (Patrick Payne), Kapranos (Patrick Payne), Luna Chara (Rod Symons), Monetizing (Brent Stanley)

Field: Hinchinbrook x Etain (Patrick Payne), El Salto (Brent Stanley), I'm A Bronco (Patrick Payne), Quick Floss (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Red Jewels (Gwenda Johnstone)

Field: Cafe Tortoni (Patrick Payne), Cartier Post (Patrick Payne), Lady Zoffany (Alan Goninon), Material Mistress (Bob Challis), Take Me North (Patrick Payne), Who Doubted Me (Patrick Payne)

Field: Cherry Tortoni (Patrick Payne), Damagic (Les Robertson), Lavee Star (Chris Calthorpe), Naughton (Patrick Payne), Shadow Goddess (Patrick Payne), Simply Venus (Patrick Payne)

Field: Bundle Of Fun (Patrick Payne), Line Of Descent (Brent Stanley), I'm A Brut (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Lunchtime Red (NZ) (Shaun Dwyer), Miss Divine Em (Patrick Payne), Villa Villekulla (Patrick Payne)

Field: Charlie's Bootlace (Jack Peat), Gate To Space (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Invincible Millie (Chris Calthorpe), Japery (Patrick Payne), Sizzling Sonata (Patrick Payne), What A Sham (NZ) (Patrick Payne)

Field: Dundeel x This Is Your Life (Patrick Payne), Gunna Gunna (Chris Calthorpe), Hello Handsome (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Sig Positano (Patrick Payne), Sudden Impacts (Sean Mott)

Field: Awesome Miss (Chris Calthorpe), Beammeupscottie (Gwenda Johnstone), Narah (Pat Starr), Quinte Royale (Linc Sullivan), Serenaur (Brent Stanley), Storm Song (Daryn Drust)

Field: Cable Bay x Miss Eddy (Kym Hann), Starcraft x Desert Heiress (Patrick Payne), Ascot Road (Brendan Hearps), Chambery (Patrick Payne), Seonee (Patrick Payne), The Nephew (Patrick Payne)

Field: Nicconi x Callista (Brent Stanley), Comano (Charmaine Barnes), Reclose (Brendon Hearps), Steady Jam (Brad Cole), Swift Maneuver (Linc Sullivan), Wine O'clock (NZ) (Patrick Payne)

Field: Volitant x Sure Paint (Daryn Drust), Bygone Era (Patrick Payne), Firm As A Rock (Graham Donaldson), Jimmy The Bear (Patrick Payne), Prince Of Tokyo (Patrick Payne), Swear By Her (Patrick Payne)

Field: Tivaci x Lady Royale (Patrick Payne), Barrabool Ace (Chris Calthorpe), Mr Pickwick (Patrick Payne), Secret Son (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Semenuk (Patrick Payne)

Field: Gaga's Belle (Patrick Payne), My Heart (Josh Julius), Polite Applause (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Poppet (Josh Julius), Stratum Star x Couteau (Patrick Payne), Holler x Miss Cleopatra (Josh Julius)

Field: Bill The Bee (Kym Hann), Mean Mister (Jarrod Robinson), Nuclear Energy (Anne Yates), Red Cracker (Bob Donat)

Field: All Too Tough (Brent Stanley), Gee Best (Bob Challis), Kwahadi (Bob Donat), Vera's Diamond (Jarrod Robinson)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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