Bendigo Jump Outs - 2 February 2021



Field: Bolden Beau (Michael Cornish & Donna Gaskin), Chilula (NZ) (Shaun Dwyer), Conconi (Gwenda Johnstone), Hi Stranger (Shane Fliedner), Javelina (Rhys Archard), Piscatorial (Josh Julius)

Field: Annandale (Tony Williams), Brony's Reward (Michael Cornish & Donna Gaskin), Danger In The Past (Gwenda Johnstone), Daylight Shadow (Gwenda Johnstone), I'm The Boss (Michael Cornish & Donna Gaskin), Wanted Spark (Shane Fliedner)

Field: Brolga Boy (Gwenda Johnstone), Button Pusher (Josh Julius), Gilligan's Island (Collin Fletcher), Haarping (Michael Cornish & Donna Gaskin), Happy Chance (Shane Fliedner), Lika Mosh (Gwenda Johnstone)

Field: Fighting Sun x Libertas (Brent Stanley), Helmet x Dashing Shadow (Gwenda Johnstone), Aimiliona (Brent Stanley), Donenothing (Rhys Archard), Nawala Gaba (Shaun Dwyer)

Field: Oladele (Rhys Archard), Sudden Impacts (Sean Mott), Bull Point x Quandt (Brad Cole), Palentino x Lady Mary (Shane Fliedner), Prancealot x Song of Gold (Shaun Dwyer)

Field: Toronado x Lupino (Kym Hann), All Too Creedy (Brad Cole), Ken's Way (Lee Bennewith), Serenaur (Brent Stanley)

Field: Vancouver x Anatole (Kym Hann), Alireza (Erin Maher), Fortitude (Graeme McQueen), Ludstone Street (Gwenda Johnstone), Reba Smooth (Josh Julius)

Field: Ashmosa (Rhys Archard), Dance Therapy (Daryn Drust), Island Miss (Collin Fletcher), River Tycoon (Jarrod Robinson), Shamottey (NZ) (Donald Hird), Will (Josh Julius)

Field: Air Defence (Shane Fliedner), Fizique (Anne Yates), Kiss In Spring (Shaun Dwyer), Reggae Roc (Rhys Archard), Sweet Gift (Brent Stanley)

Field: Choralist (Rhys Archard), Coyote Ugly (Erin Maher), Fioroso (Kym Hann), Jude's Power (Rhys Archard)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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