Bendigo Jump Outs - 19 January 2021



Field: Croc Lurkin (S Dwyer), Hi Stranger (S Fliedner), Kaniva (R Symons), Kootara (D Plant), Piscatorial (J Julius), Press The Petal (J Julius)

Field: All Too Creedy (B Cole), Button Pusher (J Julius), Dance Therapy (D Drust), Oamaru Force x Chacella (E Maher), Surin Beach (S Fliedner), Will (J Julius)

Field: Oamaru Force x Strange Lady (E Maher), Palentino x Lady Mary (S Fliedner), Winning Rupert x Shufetish (J Julius), Cesar Bessan (B Cole), Reba Smooth (J Julius), Sudden Impacts (S Mott)

Field: Air Defence (S Fliedner), Coyote Ugly (E Maher), Here To Shock (B Stanley), Mon Dieu (J Robinson), Mystery Dancer (B Stanley)

Field: Blax (R Symons), Blooming Alice (B Stanley), Rhythmic Queen (J Julius), Sweet Gift (B Stanley), Ultimate Man (S Fliedner),

Field: Davelliom (D Curran), Fortitude (G McQueen), Thirsty Fish (J Robinson), Urban Lumberjack (G Browney), What Revolution (S Dwyer)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*