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Bendigo Jump Outs - 18 December 2020



Field: Kharnmosh (S Dwyer), Kiata (R Symons), Reard (J Robinson), Sweet Gift (B Stanley), Zoujea (S Fliedner)

Field: Blax (R Symons), Laststrikeyourout (P Banks), Miss Marcie (J Robinson), River Tycoon (D McNeil), Tuscan Belle (S Dwyer)

Field: Lupido x Torrando (K Hann), Classy Gal (S Dwyer), Colsridge (A Pace), Jedan (P Banks), Moses Oh Crikey (A Vanderfeen)

Field: Delivid (A Maree Curran), I Am News (B Stanley), Moncreek (J Robinson), Mutapa (J Robinson), Urban Lumberjack (G Browney)

Field: Bella Plenty (B Stanley), Carry On Baggage (K Hann), Precipice (S Fliedner), Thirsty Fish (J Robinson), Thundermetal (J Robinson)

Field: Bartholdi Boy (D Hird), Dallas Cowgirl (B Stanley), Tyson's Reef (G Donaldson), Written Affair (J Julius),

Field: Ceardai (B Stanley), Der Mahler (S Lake), Garbhan (B Stanley), Kano (J Robinson), King Joey (J Robinson), Sacred Tycoon (D Hird)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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