Bendigo Jump Outs - 16 March 2021



Field: Ahika (Shaun Dwyer), All Too Tough (Brent Stanley), Donndubhan (Brent Stanley), Lunar Hero (Dan McCarthy), Mean Mister (Jarrod Robinson), Vungers (Brendan Hearps)

Field: Coloured Sand (Dwayne Reid), Gloves Are Off (Kym Hann), Monetizing (Brent Stanley), My Girl Trudy (James Gould), Quiller's Delight (Brent Stanley)

Field: Dallas Cowgirl (Brent Stanley), Foxtrot Mo (Dale Plant), It's Kind Of Magic (Brent Stanley), Magic Ticket (Aileen Vanderfeen), The Wrangler (Jarrod Robinson)

Field: Xtravagant x Thwayya (Dan McCarthy), Brown Boy Bobby (Dwayne Reid), Modus Operandi (David Bourne), Narrabri Boy (Keith Rawiller), Super Aurora (Brent Stanley), Royal Affair (John Salanitri)

Field: Nicconi x Callista (Brent Stanley), Mexican Moon (Linc Sullivan), Mongolian Flame (NZ) (Brent Stanley), Pocket Change (John Salanitri), Siamese (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), The Sabbath (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes)

Field: Feel For You (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), King Dick (Kym Hann), Mr Freeze (John Salanitri), Sister's Mister (Dan McCarthy), Tycoon Beau (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes)

Field: Bon Hoffa x Strimeni (Dan McCarthy), Astern x Girls Night Out (Erin Maher), Alpine Eagle x Tasmanian Tiger (Liam Howley), Carmen Lucia (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), Kit And Caboodle (John Salanitri), Super Thief (NZ) (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes)

Field: Extreme Choice x Aura D'Oro (Kym Hann), Freddy Mac (David Bourne), Letthebanaflyhigh (Arthur Pace), Orphan Ash (Dan McCarthy), Rainbow Ruler (John Salanitri)

Field: Fastnet Rock x Limerock (Linc Sullivan), Carpe Diem (John Salanitri), Cost Of Devotion (Michael Cornish / Donna Gaskin), Cubing (Shane Fliedner), Cyclone Louie (Kym Hann), Milliffe (Shane Fliedner)

Field: Lucas Cranach x Muskerry Burns (Mark Thomas), Elusive Reward (Michael Cornish / Donna Gaskin), Firedoor (Catherine Hutchinson), Furty Free (Matthew Fsadni), Red On Black (Linc Sullivan)

Field: Autumn's Best (Charles Cassar), Countess Tessa (Jarrod Robinson), Defence Force (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), Minhaaj (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), Play On Words (Rod Symons), Sentry Rock (Aileen Vanderfeen)

Field: Alarah (Catherine Hutchinson), Friskocity (Tamra Taylor), Helen's Boy (Anthony Cosgriff), Medelai (Colin McGillivray), Riverlea Honours (Neville Allport), Valerie (Charles Cassar)

Field: Toronado x Alittle Loose (Liam Howley), Boy Big (Kym Hann), Here With Me (Charles Cassar), Mobamba (Mick Sell)

Field: Constantinople (IRE) (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), Rostropovich (IRE) (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), The Talking Toff (Michael Cornish / Donna Gaskin)

Field: Dashing Leopard (NZ) (Debbie Wills), Dance Therapy (Daryn Drust), Vida Rose (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes), Zayydani (NZ) (Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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