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Bendigo Jump Outs - 11 May 2021



Field: Another Way (Patrick Payne), Bastyan (Patrick Payne), Dana Point (Brent Stanley), Spanish Victory (Mitch Freedman), What A Sham (NZ) (Patrick Payne)

Field: Buchan Hoaks (Graham Donaldson), Hit Reset (Brent Stanley), Just Folk (Josh Julius), Perseids (Mitch Freedman), Swing With Junior (Kym Hann), Was Written (Gwenda Johnstone)

Field: Ellanova (Ted Grogan), Gaga's Belle (Patrick Payne), Lucky Sham (NZ) (Mitch Freedman), Naughton (Patrick Payne), Simply Venus (Patrick Payne), Who Doubted Me (Patrick Payne)

Field: Devil Wears Prada (Josh Julius), Great Bay (Bryan Maher), Monetizing (Brent Stanley), Orchestrate (Mitch Freedman), Seeking Glory (David Bourne)

Field: Cliff's Boy (Erin Maher), D'aguilar (Patrick Payne), Gate Crash (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Well Branded (Patrick Payne), Yulong Contact (Mitch Freedman)

Field: Brown Boy Bobby (Dwayne Reid), Ize Fairdinkum (Mitch Freedman), Japery (Patrick Payne), Mr Pickwick (Patrick Payne), Tivaci x Lady Royale (Patrick Payne)

Field: Cartier Post (Patrick Payne), Cru Classe (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Gate To Space (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Hello Handsome (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Tyson's Reef (Graham Donaldson)

Field: Green Delight (Ted Grogan), Imperial Hilton (Patrick Payne), Ruby Don't (Lee Bennewith), Seonee (Patrick Payne), Dundeel x This Is Your Life (Patrick Payne)

Field: Aimiliona (Brent Stanley), Reward For Effort x Croatian Quality (Kym Hann), Drunkasamonkey (Mitch Freedman), Narah (Pat Starr), Poppet (Josh Julius), Reclose (Brendon Hearps)

Field: Antica Lass (Jody Thompson), Moses Oh Crikey (Aileen Vanderfeen), Satellite's Gift (Dwayne Reid), Serene Moon (Mitch Freedman), Sword Fight (Jarrod Robinson)

Field: Ascot Road (Brendon Hearps), Cesar Bessan (Brad Cole), Quinte Royale (Linc Sullivan), Ruggiero (Mitch Freedman), Song Storm (Daryn Drust), Foxwedge x Lucky Kitty (Kym Hann)

Field: Bristly Blue (Bryan Maher), Jimmy The Bear (Patrick Payne), Spirit Of Gaylard (NZ) (Mitch Freedman), Wine O'Clock (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Starcraft x Desert Heiress (Patrick Payne)

Field: All Too Creedy (Brad Cole), Swift Maneuver (Linc Sullivan), Star Witness x Riverina Red (Mitch Freedman)

Field: Bill The Bee (Kym Hann), El Salto (Brent Stanley), Just Jake (Hannah Powell), Mi Keri Pi (Mitch Freedman), Nuclear Energy (Anne Yates), Our Lone Star (Sean Mott)

Field: Bowing (NZ) (Mitch Freedman), Chatacain (Anthony Chibnall), Glamarama Girl (Erin Maher), Kiss Me If You Can (Hannah Powell), Line Of Descent (Brent Stanley), Power Glider (David Bourne)

Field: Awesome Miss (Chris Calthorpe), Hurry Scurry (Hannah Powell), In Due Time (David Bourne), Serenaur (Brent Stanley), Sudden Impacts (Sean Mott), Vera's Diamond (Jarrod Robinson)

Field: Barrabool Ace (Chris Calthorpe), Dark Rapture (David Bourne), Derugle Diamond (NZ) (Jamie Scott), Johnny Reb (Penny Reeve), Nicconi x Callista (Brent Stanley)

Field: Celtic Samurai (Adam O'Neill), Medelai (Colin McGillivray), Rose'n'harlem (Brad Cole)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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