Benalla Jump Outs - 20 January 2021



Field: Dancing Duck (R. Osborne), Feisty Flame (G.Brusndon), Just Harry (V. Nolan), Lollipop Lad (T. Meade), Murtajill x Clever Scheme (J. Ledger), Yank (J. Ledger)

Field: Jumpin' Jaguar (R.Osborne), Leemoon (G. Egan), Mannus x Bounty Girl (J. Ledger), Olympic Glory x Bullion (V. Nolan), Sharp As Ellie (D. Sharpe), Star Date (J. Ledger)

Field: Alluvial (G. Egan), Rocket Park (K. Aldous), Ultimate Edition (J. Ledger), Warnation (B. Maher), Yes Sir (J. Ledger)

Field: Canny Rossa (G. Egan), Eurozone x Prussian Spice (J. Ledger), Lunar Soul (R. Waddell), Minna's Girl (G.Brunsdon), Rusty Armour (K. Aldous), Smart Design (J. Ledger)

Field: Amani Farasi (J. Ledger), Don't Rush Ruby (D. Pagan), Great Bay (B. Maher), Mister Wood (J. Ledger), The Wow Signal x Tuition (V. Nolan), Tiger (G. Egan)

Field: Beverley Anne (B. Maher), Gocain Go (V. Nolan), Makfi x O'Ragahaillian (J. Ledger), Mama's Deel (G. Egan), Wijdaan (A Dale)

Field: Castilla (C.Weeding), Classic Clancy (R. Waddell), Countess Rostova (A Dale), Miss Benefits (G. Egan), Shaft x Always Glowing (J. Ledger), Redente x Total (W.Church)

Field: Duporth x Shellac (C. Weeding), Mathrin (A Dale), Miss Redcoat (G. Brunstone), Sunshine Moshe (G. Egan), Rockaroundtheclock x Tully's Choice (W. Church)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated Good(3).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*