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Benalla Jump Outs - 2 September 2020


Field: Blazi'n Easy (Darren Stumpo), Fair Tina (Jeff Brunstone), Kooky Kangaroo (Russel Osborne), Shiny Star (Dennis McRohan), Alohomora (Ron Waddell)

Field: Love An Angel (Tony Waddell), Entitled Princess (Barry Goodwin), Beautiful Bee (Russel Osborne), Adorn The Truth (Ron Waddell)

Field: Bate Suffer (Wayne Nichols), Lord Lobster (Russel Osborne), Minna's Girl (Sully Mclay), Seismic Wave (Wayne Nichols), Settle Then Lift (Jason Selmen)

Field: Dente (Daryl Archrad), Lovethewayyoulie (Stephen Brown), Regal Rave (Barry Goodwin), Velvet Snow (Bryan Maher)

Field: Kaching (Daryl Archard), Madam Superior (Michael Cornish & Donna Gaskin), Stryker x Commentary (Bryan Maher), Dangerous x Ano Nuevo (Geoff Brunsdon)

Field: Crisis Time (Michael Cornish & Donna Gaskin), Do It Purple (Chris Nash), Egyptian Wonder (Stephen Brown), Racy Babe (Linc Sullivan), Zoeasy (Daryl Archard)

Download PDF • 53KB

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good(3).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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