Benalla Jump Outs - 18 November 2020


Field: Constant Flow (M Gibson), Lord Sundowner (R Tait), Minna's Girl (G Grunston), Seismic Wave (B Maher), Gold Change Bushranger (J Aldous),

Field: Arctic Star (P Smith), Eric The Axe (A Dale), You're So Natural (C Weeding), Mystical Rose (J Ledger)

Field: Ali's Choice (A Dale), Castilla (C Weeding), Fox Power (J Ledger), Without Revenge (R Green)

Field: Nulla Gold (A Dale), Royal Monsoon (J Ledger), Spinrich (B Maher), Turn Back Time (G Egan), White Spice (G Egan)

Field: Hey Max (J Ledger), Magic Typhoon (B Brisbourne), Swift Arrival (C Weeding), Zaberfeldie (A Dale)

Field: Bromelia (C Weeding), Monsoon Reins (G Egan), Northern Force (G Egan), Shaft (J Ledger), To The Point (B Brisbourne)

Field: Danerich x Night Fall (V Nolan), Fairhaven (G Egan), Soboog Here x De Princess (B Brisbourne), Tabloid Star (A Dale), Magnum x Ascot Vale (S Nolan)

Field: Reset x Triple Action (J Ledger), Classic Fastnet (A Dale), Mr Morley (G Egan), Canny Rossa (G Egan)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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