Benalla Jump Outs - 12 April 2021


Field: Adorn The Truth (R Waddell), Apollo Sun (M Gibson), Eurozone x What A Tangle (V Nolen), Let's Prosper (P Burgan), Red Impulse (R Osborne)

Field: Big Tripper (P Burgan), Bomberz Toyz (C Ledger), Dress Code (C Ledger), Flying Finch (R Osborne), In The Fall (V Nolan), unknown runner (unknown trainer)

Field: Creedmoor (C Weeding), Lady Game x Tuffontein (B Maher), Lord Domino (P Burgun), Nowie North (V Nolen), Phakisa (G Egan), Sly Samba Deer (R Osborne)

Field: Beautiful Bee (R Osborne), Fifty Stars (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Lord Sundowner (R Tait), Prince Of Helena (C Weeding), Strome (O'Prey), The Wow Signal x Tuition (V Nolan)

Field: Barrymore (L O'Connor), Bellx (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Excelida (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Lupino Lass (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Malaise (L O'Connor), Merrijig Rogue (G Egan)

Field: Alpha Male (C Ledger), Blackout (P Smith), Caddy (T Dabernig), Miss Peggy Dora (P Smith), The Factor x Dogma (V Nolan), Boom Spirit (T Dabernig)

Field: Dina's Boy (A Dale), Double Quick (G Egan), Redente x Cotan Marbella (K Aldous), Rude Baker (J Fraser), Stella Siren (D O'Prey)

Field: Chiefs And Mahomes (T Dabernig), Fabrikka (T Dabernig), Hey Max (J Ledger), Master Fruit x Commence (P Smith), Tough Task (J Ledger), Tibooburra Gem (C Weeding)

Field: A Magic Gust (D O'Prey), Cliffs Of Bounty (J Ledger), Red Arrow x Nullan Dance (P Smith), Smart Offer (C Ledger), Turn Back Time (G Egan)

Field: Debatable (P Smith), Denarena (C Weeding), Eight Angels (J Scott), Keep The Faith x Mooncoin Gold (G Egan), Mylex (V Proctor)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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