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Ballarat Jump Outs - 8 September 2020



Field: Aznavour (A Alexander / N Farley), Campese (A Alexander / D Bates), Hughes The Boss (D O'Sullivan), Ken's Dream (C Maher / W Price), King Louis (S Morrish / J Lorensini), La Marsa (M Payne), Sassysav (C Maher / H Coffey), Mi Keri Pi (M Freedman / J Fry)

Field: Chaillot (A Alexander / N Farley), Connery (A Alexander / D Bates), Murchison (C Maher / H Coffey), Ninth Avenue (M Freedman / J Fry), Tavirajay (S Morrish / J Lorensini), Prince Of Celebes (M Payne), Toot'N'Comein (D O'Sullivan)

Field: Active (D O'Sullivan), Billie Frenado (C Maher / H Coffey), Eclair Rhythm (A Alexander / D Bates), If You Leave (A Alexander / N Farley), Maree De Lune (M Freedman / J Fry), Optimizzer (M Payne)

Field: Bubbly Lass (C Maher / H Coffey), Mark The Horse (M Payne), Miss Hellbender (A Alexander / D Bates), Northern Bliss (N Blackiston / S Payne), Only A Mother (S Wilde / J Cartwright), Snip Snap (K McCartin), Spaltet (A Alexander / N Farley), Tideway (C Maher / W Price)

Field: Field Of Lights (S Wilde / J Cartwright), Kenzee River (A Hanrahan / J Lorensini), Malva (A Alexander / D Bates), Mighty Oasis (C Maher / H Coffey), Peace Process (A Alexander / N Farley), Rubeaux (N Blackiston / S Payne), War Games (A Noblet / W Price), Zean (D Hunter / L Doodt)

Field: Animal Kingdom x Choice Cat (T Kelly), Chill Factor (B Lawlor / N Farley), Deep Field x Miralago (A Noblet / W Price), Tails Prince (N Blackiston / S Payne), Themagicneverends (D Hunter / J Cartwright), Treasure Chest (R Foster / J Lorensini), Who's Your Papy (C Maher / H Coffey)

Field: Feel The Rush (C Maher / H Coffey), He's God's Gift (R Foster / J Lorensini), Horse Ofwallstreet (T Kelly), Little Zipper (B McKnight / L Doodt), Mevius (T Carberry / W Price), SaluteTheRisingSun (B Lawlor / N Farley), Seabaz (N Blackiston / S Payne)

Field: Fleet Dreams (A Cosgriff / N Farley), Nirvana (R Cully), Scorch The Turf (J Scott / D Holland), Statue Of Liberty x Don't Worry Toff (S Wilde / J Cartwright), Storming Princesse (K McCartin / J Lorensini), The Factor x Auburn Streak (T Kelly)

Field: Bullpoint x Kiss N Chase (R Cully), Frankel x Thai Noon (M Payne), Karatemiss (M Payne), Needs Further X Petite Oiseau (R Cully), Proisir x Hey Pretty Katie (R Culy), The Turffinator (G Murphy / J Lorensini), Where's Poppy (T Carberry / W Price), Prince Saiyan (S Wilde / J Cartwright)

Field: Bullpoint x Seehowyouare (B Cross / J Lorensini), Hollycrown x Celvedon (B Cross), Marwingo x Society Rules (R Cully), Snippetson x Derring (R Cully), Toronado x Marmelo (R Cully)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Burrumbeet track, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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