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Ballarat Jump Outs - 5 January 2021



Field: Bumper Bar (Andrew Noblet), Jekyll'n'hyde (Simon Morrish), Kermadec x Hannah Mary (Richie Cully), Lionhearted x Paris Style (George Osborne), Squamosa x La Belle Moi (George Osborne)

Field: Art Dealer (Henry Dwyer), Chequered Love (Lindsay Smith), Iron One (George Osborne), Milo Man (George Osborne), Never Declare (Thomas Carberry), Tuvalu (Richie Cully)

Field: Danse De La Lune (Henry Dwyer), Gannett (Simon Morrish), Kyla (George Osborne), Regal Ruler (Richie Cully), Thumper (George Osborne)

Field: Bright Morningstar (George Osborne), Harmony Nation (Archie Alexander), It's Classified (Lindsay Smith), Money For Old Rope (Richie Cully), Precious Love (George Osborne)

Field: Bull Point x See How You Are (Brady Cross), Delightful Icing (George Osborne), First Division (Henry Dwyer), Nama Dude (Daniel Kelly), Tapping (Archie Alexander), Thunder Fox (Richie Cully), Zuiichi (George Osborne)

Field: Avellana (Matt Cumani), Catastrophic Plan (Tammie Birnie), Jharana (Nigel Blackiston), Mighty Deano (George Osborne), Sir Domigo (Brady Cross), Under Our Spell (Daniel Kelly), Young Cliffy (George Osborne)

Field: Scholarly (Dan O'Sullivan), Teewaters (Archie Alexander), Yankee Diva (Nigel Blackiston), Smart Missile x Little Diamond A (Matt Cumani)

Field: Kanzai (Nigel Blackiston), King Of Vandals (Nigel Blackiston), Raffine (Archie Alexander), Salsaset (Archie Alexander)

Field: Forever Girl (Archie Alexander), Night Express (Henry Dwyer), Prolix (Julie Scott), One And Dun (Julie Scott)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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