Ballarat Jump Outs - 3 May 2021


Field: Amalfi Amore (M Cumani), Buck Bay (E Church), Halcyon Dane (A Alexander), Immortality (J Markovic), Kissing Game (T Carberry), Meteorite (T & C McEvoy)

Field: Chrysos (T & C McEvoy), Ebb And Flow (M Cunningham), Princess Azza (A Hanrahan), Right Moment x Desert King (M Shillito), Trust Funds (A Alexander), Smoke Winkens (M Cumani)

Field: A Quiet Achiever (T Carberry), Do The Narna (D Bowman), Helicopter (M Shillito), Mac 'N' Cheese (T & C McEvoy), Numpty (A Alexander), Shultzy (P Cannon)

Field: Farliah (C Maher), Honour De Hero (D Bowman), Honour Of Clare (D Kelly), Hooverwhackadoovy (A Peterson), My Boy Birmingham (T & C McEvoy), No Name Enya (P Cannon), Without A Cause (A Alexander)

Field: Damask Rose (Y Shma), Henry The Lion (R Cully), Jamcra (E Fouchard), Justabitcrackers (H Dwyer), Party In Fitzroy (A Cosgriff), Philosophers Stone (T & C McEvoy)

Field: Credit Cards (M Cunningham), Free Eagle x Sherborne Abbey (T & C McEvoy), Six Senses (T & C McEvoy), Testardo (A Payne), Yankee Toff (M Cunningham)

Field: Accordingly (N Blackiston), Censored (T & C McEvoy), Equally (R Foster), Mevius (T Carberry), Petticoat Junction (A McDonald), Shine The Way (T Carberry)

Field: All About Eve (A Noblet), Getonthebeers (B Goodwin), Hare (L Smith), Lucas Cranach x Clapping Clergy (E Fouchard), Moon Over Alice (D Bowman), Shalaa X Pale Face Grace (R Cully)

Field: Ahtohallan (J Wardeiner), Brazen Beau x Dora N Boots (A Noblet), I See You Coming (L Smith), Nicconi x Cinnamon Bells (A Noblet), Skytain (W Morrisey), Star Craft x Humerous Bet (R Cully)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper (Grass), with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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