Ballarat Jump Outs - 27 May 2021



Field: Bastyan (P Payne), Deep Speed (T & C McEvoy), Delta Tango (M Freedman), Gaga's Belle (P Payne), I'm A Brut (P Payne), Something Grand (J Scott)

Field: Cru Classe (P Payne), Douceur (P Payne), Festivus (T & C McEvoy), Maree De Lune (M Freedman), Only Right (K Carnes), True Impact (J Scott), Wine O'Clock (P Payne)

Field: Aquila Miss (J Scott), Emperors Star (G Brown), Hello Handsome (P Payne), Mr Pickwick (P Payne), My Boy Birmingham (T & C McEvoy), Who Doubted Me (P Payne), Yulong Jet (T & C McEvoy)

Field: Assignment (M Cumani), Gate Crash (P Payne), Ize Fairdinkum (M Freedman), Lassiter (T & C McEvoy), Toranados (G Brown), Well Branded (P Payne), Zedman (P Payne)

Field: Amalfi Amore (M Cumani), Chouxting The Mob (S Morrish), Destiny Diamond (S Wilde), Doerame (T Kelly), He Zoffan Gone (B Crofts), Patrika Gold (M Freedman), Summer Light (J Slater)

Field: Helen's Boy (A Cosgriff), It's The Bubby (S Morrish), Monsieur De Lune (M Freedman), Pedal To The Metal (L Smith), Rippa Buzz (D Cannon), Surprise Factor (T Kelly), Typhoon Neta (M Cumani)

Field: Acerticus (A Peterson), Azoustic (B Cross), Beyonmore (S Morrish), Fortune Ahead (M Cumani), Ghodeleine (A Noblet), Winning Red (P Kearney), Zoudini (R Cully)

Field: Consort (D Cannon), Crocodile Dundeel (L Smith), Doerame (T Kelly), Skytain (W Morrissey), Think We're Due (A Noblett)

Field: A Quiet Achiever (T Carberry), Alfie Dee (A McDonald), Niconoise x Exabaa (M Cumani), Ripasso (M Cumani), Stogursey Prince (G Brown)

Field: Equally (R Foster), Gojiboy (M Cumani), Master Poet (A McDonald), Volkswagon Frank (A McDonald)

Field: D'Aguilar (P Payne), Grizzlies (P Payne), Ilovethiscity X Roman Belle (T Carberry), Imposing Brook (P Payne), Imposter Elle (H Dwyer), Leolaine (H Dwyer), Tern And Go (P Payne)

Field: Charm and Disarm (L Smith), Madetobebroken (P Keane), Media Empress (H Dwyer), Midnight Vagrant (H Dwyer), Shellaquin (P Payne), The Cunning Fox (P Payne), Zouzouli (P Payne)

Field: Darwin's Theory (P Payne), Isa Lad (L Smith), Jaykayann (P Payne), Lady Adelaide (P Payne), Little Vista (P Payne), More (R Cully), Xtravagant X Midnight Joy (H Dwyer)

Field: Ahtohallan (J Wardeiner), Emblematic (A Peterson), Hard Questions (L Smith), Ilovethiscity X Skewer (R Cully), Shalaa X Pale Face Grace (R Cully)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Burrumbeet Track, with the track rated Heavy.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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