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Ballarat Jump Outs - 27 August 2020



Field: Kiwia (A Alexander / J Allen), Marinated (R Cully), Mi Keri Pi (M Freedman / T Direen), Mrs Sippy (H Dwyer / G Cartwright), Prince Romany (M Cumani / J Lloyd), Shadow Prey (S Morrish / J Childs), Toot'n'comein (D O'Sullivan / W Price), Wahine Toa (C Maher / H Coffey)

Field: Chevychaser (C Maher / H Coffey), Crackerjack Prince (A Alexander / D Bates), Mighty Oasis (C Maher / W Price), Nirvana (R Cully / J Allen), Russian Fighter (D O'Sullivan), The Siscos Kid (H Dwyer / G Cartwright), Yankee Toff (M Cunningham / N Farley), Zerette (A Alexander / J Childs)

Field: Breaking Loose (N Blackiston / M Dee), Can't Take A Trick (A Alexander / J Childs), Etoile Brillante (A Alexander / D Bates), Ghibelines x Smudgee (R Cully / J Allen), Masterkindu (H Dwyer / J Lloyd), Tinszel (H Dwyer / G Cartwright), Winning Superstar (C Maher / H Coffey),

Field: Dilochta (A Taylor-Moy / H Coffey), Diplomac Jack (T Carberry / J Allen), Ocean Arc (H Dwyer / G Cartwright), Peace Process (A Alexander / J Childs), Sleepless (A Alexander / D Bates), Under My Spell (N Blackiston / M Dee)

Field: Blavatsky (C Maher / H Coffey), Bubbly Lass (C Maher / W Price), Dreams And Schemes (N Blackiston / M Dee), Eclair Rhythm (A Alexander / D Bates), Ho Ho Lord (M Freedman), Mevius (T Carberry), Tavirajay (S Morrish / J Hill), Zean (D Hunter / L Boyd)

Field: Beautiful Days (H Dwyer / G Cartwright), If You Leave (A Alexander / J Childs), Iambifier (K McCartin), Murchison (C Maher / H Coffey), Royal Pegasus (M Cunningham / J Hill), Stocktaka (M Freedman), Wild Flight (R Foster)

Field: Abraxos (S Hanrahan), Gold Helmet (M Freedman), Nicconi X Ingham Magic (H Dwyer / G Cartwright), Not A Problem (A Alexander / D Bates), Something Foxy (C Maher / W Price), Streets Of Philly (C Maher / H Coffey)

Field: Amorosity (H Dwyer / G Carwright), La Cafe (C Maher / H Coffey), Scorch The Turf (J Scott / D Holland), Snip Snap (K McCartin / J Hill), Treasure Chest (R Foster), Vain Belle (M Shillito / S Mori)

Field: Animal Kingdom X Choice (H Dwyer / G Cartwright), Incredulous Dream (C Maher / H Coffey), Love My Space (J Dalton / S Payne), The Factor X Auburn Streak (T Kelly / W Price)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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