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Ballarat Jump Outs - 23 November 2020



Field: Come Along Jeffrey (Dean Larsson), Dahwilly (Archie Alexander), Michante (Ciaron Maher), Mr Eighty Eight (Ciaron Maher), Petulant Peg (Simon Morrish), Raffish (Archie Alexander), Razorline (Mitch Freedman), Silicon Valley (Ciaron Maher), Tycoon Bec (Matt Cumani)

Field: Amerock (Mitch Freedman), Brother In Arms (Emma Church), Haky (Archie Alexander), Livingstone Falls (Andrew Noblet), Night's Watch (Archie Alexander), Sure Strategy (Henry Dwyer)

Field: Ahtohallan (James Wardeiner), Arriva Diva (Ciaron Maher), Delta Tango (Mitch Freedman), Fightingforjustice (Ciaron Maher), Patmos Island (Ciaron Maher), Prince Alexander (Archie Alexander), Sun Perle (Mitch Freedman)

Field: Alternate (Ciaron Maher), Bonamassa (Archie Alexander), Lucky Sham (Mitch Freedman), Miles Ahead (Archie Alexander), Night Express (Henry Dwyer), Yulong Contact (Mitch Freedman)

Field: Classic Bright (Brady Cross), Delusions (Ciaron Maher), Hai Sun (Mitch Freedman), Something Foxy (Ciaron Maher), Southern Native (Emma Church), Spanish Victory (Mitch Freedman)

Field: Bam's On Fire (Ciaron Maher), Bones (Mitch Freedman), General Jim (Ash McKnight), Give Val A Ring (Mitch Freedman), Mahashakti (Mitch Freedman), Marks Line (Ash McKnight), Mr Scorefield (Nigel Blackiston), Rivivy Kenz (Allan Hanrahan)

Field: Briseur De Coeur (Mitch Freedman), Abraxos (Alan Hanrahan), Doerame (Aaron Peterson), Carisma (Terry Kelly), Fire Cat (Mitch Freedman), Just Like A King (Anthony Cosgriff), Star Lover (Symon Wilde), Ninth Avenue (Mitch Freedman), Valse (Emma Colins)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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