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Ballarat Jump Outs - 23 March 2021



Field: Friday At Five (H Dwyer), Isles Of Avalon (A Noblet), Kit And Caboodle (J Salanitri), Mr Scorefield (N BLackiston), Pellie (S Morrish), Yulong Sovereign (T & C McEvoy)

Field: Kirakat (N Blackiston), Lido Beach (L Smith), Marquette (H Dwyer), Nicconi x Poison Ivy (A Noblet), Psycho Star (J Salanitri), Transplant (T & C McEvoy)

Field: Admoni (N Blackiston), Hinchinbrook x Lady (A Noblet), Maganda (S Morrish), Mayshestar (T & C McEvoy), Mr Freeze (F Salanitri), Prince Alexander (A Alexander), Versaider (K McCartin)

Field: Connery (A Alexander), Diaquin (N Blackiston), Dimaggio (T & C McEvoy), Ronin Man (M Cunningham), Scorch The Turf (J Scott), Who Are Those Guys (A Cosgriff), Pit Viper (A Payne)

Field: Damask Rose (Y Shima), Dewhurst (A Alexander), Indiana Star (E Church), Pintoff (R Cully), Roses Lane (M Cunningham), The Queens Riches (D Kelly), Ville Chanson (M Lawson), Winning Deal (M Pegus)

Field: Bill The Boxer (T McEvoy), Dresden Green (H Dwyer), Evil Suspect (D Hill), Grand Quill (B Lawlor), Jolies Choice (D O'Sullivan), Metal Bar (A Alexander), Sheeza Tilly (N Blackiston)

Field: Aznavour (A Alexander), Chill Factor (B Lawlor), Golden Banner (G Osborne), Haky (A Alexander), Halcyon East (D O'Sullivan), Evil Suspect (D Hill), Saintly Rose (D Hunter)

Field: County Hall (A Payne), Crackhorn (A Alexander), Jamaican Me Run (A Alexander), Shooting To Win x Nella Dane (D Larsson), Smart Style (L Robertson), Saintly Rose (D Hunter)

Field: Danny's St Darci (A Alexander), Fiorente Spree (D O'Sullivan), Irascible Miss (G Osborne), Mona Dream (A Alexander), Say Good Night (H Jamieson)

Field: Buena Veloz (A Alexander), Eclair Rhythm (D O'Sullivan), Eagles Crag (A Alexander), Madame Boitier (S Morrish), Protection Money (N Blackiston), Wazuzu (L Whelan)

Field: American Jeuney (R Cully), Maxaway (A Alexander), Sleepless (A Alexander), The Krone (T & C McEvoy), Under My Spell (N Blackiston)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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