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Ballarat Jump Outs - 22 December 2020



Field: Cianna (S Morrish), Classic Bright (B Cross), Come Along Jeffrey (D Larsson), Evolving Evie (M Shillito), Too Darn Cute (D Larsson), Translator (N Blackiston),

Field: Azoustic (B Cross), Immacolato (M Dennehy), Latin Affair (N Blackiston), Rebel Raider x Meekeepa (M Shillito), Schultzy (P Cannon), Torgersen (M Jones)

Field: Hare (R Cully), I Feel Fine (S Morrish), Never Declare (T Carberry), Raffine (A Alexander), Smart Missile X Little Diamond A (M Cumani),

Field: Burning The Clock (M Dennehy), First Division (H Dwyer), Kermadec X Hannah Mary (R Cully), Reliable Man X Limbea (A Alexander), Why Now (S Cragie),

Field: Bright Morningstar (G Osborne), ? x Copa De Oro (R Cully), Danse De La Lune (H Dwyer), Dark Siren (A Cosgriff), Easton You Beauty (J Markovic), Rivivy Kenz (A Hanrahan), Six Degrees (P Cannon),

Field: Heir To The Throne (H Dwyer), Honorable Mention (H Dwyer), Mr Cashman (P Payne), Precious Love (G Osborne), Swanwater (N Blackiston), Tintinwin (R Cully)

Field: Just Hang Up (P Payne), McCain (P Payne), Quick Floss (P Payne), Sahar (P Payne), Sig Positano (P Payne)

Field: Chadstone (P Payne), Cowleys Creek (P Payne), Hello Handsome (P Payne), House Spouse (P Payne), The Graduate (P Payne)

Field: Ausbred L'Or (P Payne), Behind The Cellar (P Payne), Gate To Space (P Payne), Little Faifo (P Payne), Natural Courage (S Field), Pepikhani (P Payne)

Field: Chicago's Choice (P Payne), Darwin's Theory (P Payne), Lasseter's Girl (P Payne), Testa Rossa X Mercedes (P Payne), Yuan Fen (P Payne)

Field: Imposing Brook (P Payne), Shellaquin (P Payne), Tern And Go (P Payne), Zouzouli (P Payne)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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