Ballarat Jump Outs - 19 January 2022



HEAT 1 - 1400m | 1:29.12s

1. Leica Trooper - R HIckmott

2. Alpine Falls (NZ) - R Hickmott

3. Full Force Gale - T Carberry

Unplaced: Vingt Cinqer (P Grey), Mumbo Bowler (R Hickmott)

HEAT 2 - 1100m | 1:06.66s

1. Chambery - B & A McKnight

2. Themagicneverends - L Boyd

3. Northern Bliss - N Blackiston

Unplaced: Mongolian Dragon (NZ) (R Hickmott), Ideal Miss (N Blackiston), Sunset Park (NZ) (N Blackiston), After The Impact (Y Shima)

HEAT 3 - 850m | 49.31s

1. French Fields - M Cunningham

2. The Sistine Tales - A Noblet

3. California Sunset - N Blackiston

Unplaced: Kirakat (NZ) (N Blackiston), Iloveroses (T Carberry), One Fornana Rhodes (R Hickmott), Tanami Princess (M Shillito), Lana's Image (B & A McKnight), Bel Esprit x Princess Abassi (un-listed trainer)

HEAT 4 - 850m | 50.47s

1. Stern Approach - N Blackiston

2. Flukey (NZ) - A NOblet

3. Cadenabbia - N Blackiston

Unplaced: Jimmy Creed (USA) x Happy Sequel (R Grey), Imago Dei (M Cunningham), Mongolian Express (H Jamieson)

HEAT 5 - 850m | 50.68s

1. Bachvara - A Noblet

2. Fortunate Gal - S Keating

3. Dream Inherit - Y Shima

Unplaced: Gotta Have Fun (NZ) (A Noblet), Tenace (N Blackiston), Gangster Cartel (H Jamieson), Our Duke (S Keating)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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